Event Horizon TV Series Brewing at Amazon

Death Note and Blair Witch director Adam Wingard is steering the doomed spaceship into streaming territory with an Event Horizon series.

Time for a little bit of tentative excitement, as Variety has reported that Amazon are working on an Event Horizon TV series!

The 1997 cult horror fave’s original producers, Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, are reportedly both onboard the new Event Horizon project, and Adam Wingard has been tapped to direct and produce it. Some of you are likely to immediately recognize Wingard’s name, but for everyone it doesn’t ring a bell with, he previously helmed fare like The Guest, You’re Next, Netflix’s Death Note, and the rebooted Blair Witch. Wingard is currently in the midst of post-production on Godzilla vs. Kong, which will arrive in mid-2020.

Paul W.S. Anderson’s psychological space gore affair wasn’t massively appreciated when it was first released in the late ’90s, but has gone on to be a staple of many a worn-out DVD collection. The film’s plot revolved around a missing spaceship – the titular Event Horizon – which could travel huge distances in space by creating its own black holes via a revolving gravity drive that looked like it could have been sketched by Clive Barker and H.R. Giger after a Tetsuo meth bender. The Event Horizon reemerges after some years without a word from the crew, and a rescue team are dispatched to investigate. Things go from bad to worse shortly after.

The film had a stellar cast that included Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Sean Pertwee, and Jason Isaacs, but holds a rating of 27% on Rotten Tomatoes, with many reviewers citing the movie’s lack of depth upon its initial release.

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Washington Post critic Stephen Hunter went a step further, saying “If you want to have that Event Horizon experience without spending the seven bucks, try this instead: Put a bucket on your head. Have a loved one beat on it vigorously with a wrench for 100 minutes. Same difference, and think of the gas you’ll save.”

Despite Event Horizon‘s critical drubbing, it’s collected a big stable of enthusiastic fans over the last two decades or so, including us, and we’re fascinated to see how Wingard will manage to spread and twist the story of the doomed spaceship over at least one season at Amazon.

More on this as it arrives.

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