Deadpool 2 Writers Promise to Break More Rules

The Deadpool screenwriting team discuss Drew Goddard’s role in helping to shape the sequel.

Among the more interesting items that have emerged about Deadpool 2 — including things like the switch in directors and the continued casting speculation over Cable — was the news that screenwriter and director Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods, Daredevil) was being brought on board as a consultant on the movie and its script.

“Consultant” is a broad term in Hollywood that can mean a lot of things; we were concerned about what it meant for screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote the first Deadpool and were part of that “gang of four,” including star/producer Ryan Reynolds and now-departed director Tim Miller, who stuck with the first movie through its decade of development hell.

According to Wernick and Reese, who are doing the press rounds for their new film Life, there’s no reason to worry about them. Here’s Wernick:

“We’re on it every day. Drew has been a consultant on the project, and is a wonderful, creative voice that’s helped guide us. But in terms of writing, we’re have been the only writers on it, and we’ll continue to be the only writers on it. As we go to shoot – and again, I know the rumor was floating around that Drew had taken over writing, and that is a false rumor that hopefully will be put to bed sooner than later – but we’re actively involved with crafting the script with Ryan and working with the director.”

Asked about the tone of the second movie, which will introduce a larger universe including characters like Cable and Deadpool, Reese said:

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“The tone will be the same. It’s going to be the same in that it’ll break rules — in some of the old ways, and some new ways. But it’s going to be the same Deadpool people were entertained with and enjoyed in the first movie. We’re not so crazy as to change that. But, new characters. New story. It’s going to be really fun. We think it’s going to be emotional. We’re so excited about what we have on our hands right now, the 119 pages we have on our hands. And we’re just getting ready to shoot it.”

We have yet to hear about an actual official start date for Deadpool 2 under director David Leitch, and Cable still has to be cast, but with the arrival of the recent teaser and an actress now locked for Domino – and what we heard above from Reese and Wernick — our favorite merc should be mouthing off in front of the cameras real soon.