Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! PC review

Casual gaming gets a welcome reception as Lucy revisits a matrimonial Dash series and finds new gifts have been brought to the party...

There’s havoc at these ‘ere weddings – but not in the traditional sense. No sign of any disgruntled ex-partners, secret love children or anything like that. No, in the wholesome world of DinerTown your problems are caused by people being picky about seating, unruly pets and toppling piles of presents. Not to mention Cupid going round shooting arrows at all and sundry.

Flo’s good friend Quinn is a wedding planner and this is her third casual game outing. I briefly played the first Wedding Dash and wasn’t keen because it was slow going, so hadn’t bothered since. However, since I’ve felt the Dash titles were just getting better and better, I thought I’d give it another shot. And I have to say the Wedding Dash franchise has improved considerably.

Quinn’s task is to help out Cupid by planning and executing a set amount of weddings. In return, Cupid will shoot one of his famous arrows at Quinn’s boyfriend Joe so Quinn herself can get hitched. Therefore, fifty weddings must be held in quirky locations throughout DinerTown, including the aquarium, a barn and by the riverside.

Before each level commences, you, the player, must make some choices. You’ll be given some information on the bride and groom and their requirements for their big day. Then you must choose from several options for each item. For example, you must pick the best cocktail, dessert, starter, tablecloths and so on. You have a budget, and must stick to it. The more money you save the happy couple the more Love Tokens you’ll be rewarded. Love Tokens are needed to upgrade your venues. Exchange them for chairs which will make for more patient guests, speed up Flo, Quinn and the chef, and even hire a couple of cherubs to help Flo carry the meals.

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When the level commences, Dash veterans will recognise the layout. You must seat the wedding guests in their desired seats, wherever possible. Then you must take their wedding gifts and put them with the others, then serve them three courses in turn, after which, they’ll go off and dance. You’ve completed the level when each guest is bopping away. However, just to throw many spanners in the works, your guests aren’t particularly straightforward. Some will make music requests, others will want punch (the drink that is, not a wallop!) and more still will insist on boring the other guests rigid by giving a speech.

Flo and Quinn must work together to keep all the guests happy whilst at the same time avoiding any disasters. Flo generally waits on the guests, whereas Quinn rescues the teetering pile of presents, delivers the microphone to those guests wishing to speak, and arranges favours in empty seats, much to the delight of the next occupant. You’ll also have to deal with naughty dogs, stray pigeons and gatecrashers.

Think you can handle all that? Go ahead. You’ll have many hours of fun with this game. The graphics are cute, the sound is fun without being too irritating and the game has just the right mix of fun and challenge. There’s a pleasant – albeit pointless – mini-game to break up the levels too. If you complete this game and still want more, well then there’s always the Endless Reception Mode to attempt. Overall, time management fans will enjoy this but I don’t think it’s revolutionary enough to turn any new heads.


4 out of 5