Hotel Dash PC review

Lucy gets to grips with another casual game: it's Hotel Dash...

With all the diners, parking lots, poodle parlours and so on, I guess it was only a matter of time before Flo made her way into the hotel business. This time, the action follows on from that of Avenue Flo, Playfirst’s first foray into the world of point and click adventure (if a more casual version than, say, Myst).

The storyline continues as the happy couple who were married in Avenue Flo need somewhere for their honeymoon, and wedding planner Quinn has also branched out into honeymoons. Trouble is, the intended venue is a bit of a dump and Quinn is understandably panicking. This is where Flo comes in. She’ll help get the hotel back on its feet whilst earning enough money to refurbish it. Yay, Flo! As well as these upgrades, you’ll also be using points to decorate the honeymoon suite for the happy couple.

The gameplay is essentially the same as other Dash titles. You point and click to make Flo do what she needs to do… and as quickly as possible! Your customers turn up, you must see them to their rooms, take up their bags, provide them with room service and any other requirements they have, then take their cash and clean up their empty room for the next guest. This continues through ten levels in one location, then you’ll move onto the next.

Although thoroughly enjoyable, Hotel Dash is really easy, and I don’t think this is just because I’m a seasoned player. I was getting ‘Expert’ scores on most levels, and there were very few stages where I was actually worried about completing a level. I don’t think I replayed a single one due to not having enough points. As a result of this, I flew through the game and felt a little cheated at the end because it hadn’t actually taken me very long. I also managed to score ‘Expert’ on the final level, supposedly the hardest.

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Overall, Hotel Dash was a bit of a disappointment. Although polished and incredibly fun, the challenge element just wasn’t there, and, therefore, nor was the value.

I think fans of the series should still play it, because you’ll love it, but just make sure you buy it from the cheapest distributor…


3 out of 5