Valorant Act 2 Update Includes New Deathmatch Mode

Valorant's Act 2 update features an experimental new mode, new weapon skins, and more.

Photo: Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed more of the content that will be included as part of Valorant‘s long-awaited Act 2 update.

As we previously discussed, this upcoming update is arguably highlighted by the release of a new agent named Killjoy. With their unique arsenal of gadgets and abilities, Killjoy may just become a favorite amongst disruptive players. We’ll see what kind of impact they ultimately have on the game when Killjoy is released on August 4.

If Killjoy doesn’t end up becoming the most significant addition of the Act 2 update, then that honor will almost certainly end up going to Valorant‘s upcoming deathmatch mode. Yes, Valorant (a notoriously tactical shooter in the style of Counter-Strike) is set to receive a fairly traditional FPS deathmatch mode.

Valorant‘s version of the deathmatch concept will see 10 players compete to be the first to reach 30 kills (or achieve the most kills within a 6-minute time limit). Player respawns occur three seconds after death, and respawning players are granted an eight-second invulnerability period that goes away after they move or fire their weapon. Valorant‘s deathmatch mode will not allow you to utilize Agent abilities, but it will grant you an infinite amount of money you can use to buy new weapons and armor.

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Speaking of gear, recently killed deathmatch players will drop a health pack, and a UAV will be automatically deployed every five seconds in order to reveal the current location of all participants. You’ll also receive a kill banner if you achieve a killstreak (which starts with a double kill).

We certainly didn’t expect Valorant to incorporate deathmatch-style gameplay quite this early, but we’re genuinely excited by the potential of this concept. We’ll all get to see how Valorant‘s deathmatch mode plays out when it launches as an optional beta mode on August 5.

Finally, Valorant Act 2 will feature a new Battlepass that will be loaded with a variety of cosmetic unlockables and supplementary material. That battle pass will be released on August 4 and set you back 1000 VP. On top of that, Riot is releasing a new “Glitchpop” weapon skin which you can check out in the trailer below:

Riot has not yet confirmed when Act 2 will end, but most fans suspect that it will likely run for 2-3 months. There’s also been no word regarding whether or not there will be subsequent updates to the Act 2 content suite as it progresses (beyond balance patches) but that certainly feels like a distinct possibility.