V Rising: How to Farm Glass

If you suddenly find yourself in need of a lot of glass in V Rising, you'll want to know a little more about how to farm that fairly rare item.

V Rising
Photo: Stunlock Studios

V Rising may add a vampiric twist to the typical survival game, but it still features many of the design elements that define that genre. That includes needing to craft various items that include potions, gear, and, for our purposes today, glass.

Glass is one of those V Rising items that you may not realize you need until later in the game. At that point, you may have quite a few questions about how to make glass and what to do with it. Actually, given how relatively rare the material is, you’ll probably just wonder how you can start farming it as soon as possible.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what glass does in V Rising and how to get your hands on as much of it as possible as quickly as possible.

What Is Glass Used For In V Rising?

Glass has two main uses in V Rising: constructing windows and crafting empty glass bottles.

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Though largely decorative, windows are an essential part of most V Rising players’ dream castles. Even vampires need to see the outside world from time to time. You’ll also need to construct windows if you’re going to complete some base-building-related goals in the games. Furthermore, glass is an essential crafting component in some of the more appealing and prominent decorative items in V Rising.

However, many players may find that most of their glass ends up going towards the construction of glass bottles. Not only do those allow you to store various crafted concoctions, but because they’re not currently reusable, so you will need a steady supply of them if you’re planning on spending a lot of time at the Alchemy Table.

How Do You Craft Glass in V Rising?

Before you can start making glass in V Rising, you’ll need to unlock the recipe for glass. Unfortunately, the recipe is held by a dangerous V Blood enemy called Christina the Sun Priestess.

Christina is a level 44 enemy that you won’t be able to challenge/defeat until later in the game. Christina has a lair located to the northwest of Dawnbreak Village, but she’s not always there. You’re much more likely to find her patrolling the nearby roads between Dawnbreak and Mosswick. If you can, it’s usually best to fight her outside of Dawnbreak so you can avoid having to deal with some dangerous nearby enemies in that area. She’s a tough enemy regardless, so come prepared with some long-range attacks and defensive/evasive abilities.

After finally taking down Christina, you’ll be rewarded with the following items:

  • Purgatory Power
  • Glass Recipe
  • Empty Glass Bottle Recipe
  • Holy Resistance Potion Recipe
  • Blood Rose Potion Recipe

Now that you have your glass recipe, you’ll need to head to your furnace. If you don’t already have a furnace, you’ll need to establish a Castle Heart. From there, you’ll be able to build a furnace with 480 stone and 60 copper ores.

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In order to construct glass, you’ll need to insert 20 quartz into your furnace. Since every pane of glass will set you back 20 quartz, and you’ll need many panes of glass throughout the game, you’ll end up needing a ton of quartz to complete larger projects. That leads us to the next point…

How Do You Farm Glass In V Rising?

Since quartz is the only required material for making glass, when we talk about farming glass, we’re actually talking about farming quartz. Thankfully, you have a few viable options so far as farming quartz goes.

Most of the quartz you acquire is going to come from nodes. Unfortunately, quartz nodes tend to be a little hard to come by compared to other mineral nodes in the game. All of them are found in the area around Dunley Farmlands, and they’re spaced out far enough to ensure that it’s going to take you some time to hit all of them. Here’s a map of exactly where to find the known quartz nodes in the area (courtesy of Segment Next)

V Rising Quartz node locations

While each of those nodes will reward you with 40-50 quartz each, you won’t be able to infinitely farm them. So, if you happen to need extra quartz and are waiting to be able to return to those nodes, you’ll need to consider alternative methods.

Actually, quite a few enemies around the Dunley Farmlands area have a chance of dropping quartz. The problem is that those chances are generally low enough to make farming quartz through drops fairly unreliable. However, there is at least one spot in the game that offers slightly better odds.

If you head to the Dunley Monastery, you’ll find a small army of level 50+ enemies that all have a respectable chance of dropping quartz. That makes it an ideal material farming spot, but you should know that you’ll need a respectable supply of Holy Resistance Potions to even survive existing in that area for long. So, you may need to farm the materials needed for that potion before farming the enemies at the Monastery for quartz. That’s why it’s usually best to rely on the quartz nodes as often as possible and use this enemy farming spot in-between node circuits when you have potions to spare.

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