Titanfall Games Not in Development According to Respawn Entertainment

Despite earlier statements may by Respawn, it sounds like the studio isn't working on any new Titanfall projects.

Photo: EA

Despite initial reports to the contrary, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has recently indicated they are not currently working on a new Titanfall game.

“There’s nothing currently in development,” says Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella in an interview with IGN. “But it’s always there. You see the little bits of stuff coming back [through the lore in Apex Legends]. At some point, I would personally like to see some kind of resurrection there. We’ll see if I can make that happen.”

Zampella noted that he and the rest of the studio are working on some other projects at the moment, but he obviously seems intent on trying to shut down the possibility that the studio will develop a new entry in the Titanfall franchise anytime in the near future.

As we mentioned, his insistence Respawn isn’t developing a Titanfall game directly contradicts what Zampella himself tweeted out in 2019 when he said that “We are also working on more Titanfall for later in the year.”

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Believe it or not, this situation gets even more confusing when you consider that Zampella’s 2019 statement came on the heels of a quote from Respawn producer Drew McCoy who flat-out denied that the studio was working on Titanfall 3 despite some rumors (and fan hopes) that was the case.

All of this may lead you to wonder just what is happening here. Well, in lieu of additional information regarding the specific details of Respawn’s current projects, we’re really left only being able to speculate what the story behind some of this contradictory information really is.

So far as that goes, it sounds like Respawn was working on some kind of Titanfall spin-off or side project that they had intended to showcase more of (or apparently even release) in 2019. Somewhere between then and now, it seems that Titanfall project was shelved.

Had Zampella not tweeted that the Titanfall project he was referring to was somehow going to be showcased in 2019, we’d have guessed that he was just expressing his desire to return to the Titanfall universe. Now, we can only assume that there was either some kind of miscommunication (which seems unlikely given Zampella’s role in the company) or that plans have changed rather quickly.

In any case, we can pretty safely say that Respawn isn’t working on Titanfall 3 and no longer seem to be working on anything related to Titanfall (outside of Apex Legends which occasionally touches upon that universe). Based on recent statements, we suspect that they may actually be working on a new Star Wars game which will build upon Jedi: Fallen Order in some way.