The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2: A House Divided Review

Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2 further proves it isn't zombies we should be fearing the most...

RELEASE DATE: March 5, 2014PLATFORM: PC, Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PlayStation 3, iOSDEVELOPER: Telltale GamesPUBLISHER: Telltale GamesGENRE: Point-and-click adventure

**Contains Spoilers for The Walking Dead “A House Divided”**

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2takes off running where it left off in last month’s episode, and expands the scope of what Clementine is going through by giving us more story for the characters around her.

The second episode of season 2 puts everything into perspective by giving everything context, and does so in the dramatic fashion that Telltale is becoming known for. The twists and turns contained within “A House Divided” provide for some of the most interesting storytelling in a video game to date.

“A House Divided” covers a lot of ground, and introduces us to a terrifying new villain named Carver, who feels like a calmer version of Negan, but just as dangerous. Without hesitation, he kills. Lying to Carver in his opening scene back at the house proved to be a difficult choice — I actually hesitated to have Clementine lie to him in fear that he might already know the truth.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2is all about making the tough decisions. In the “how did your choices compare to those made by other players” stats, I found myself aligning more with the minority choices than the common choices. This creates the NECESSITY to talk to another player to discuss the hard choices you had to make for Clementine and the characters around her.

The episode was a proper mix of action scenes and character development, and that is a rarity. In my experiences, I’ve found many games to exceed at one but lack in the other department. But, not Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

Things aren’t looking good for Clementine’s future, although Luke’s whereabouts are still unknown. He could come in and save the day, or he could have been chomped on by a walker during the ruckus caused by the loud turbine.

“A House Divided” is one of the most action-packed episodes to date, and it also makes us care about even the side characters in the game. I’ve never cared about a video game character so much in my life, and I can’t wait to see what happens on Clementine’s journey in Season 2, Episode 3.


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4.5 out of 5