Stray Is a PS5 Sci-fi Game Starring the Best Cat

What's a new console without an exclusive starring an adorable cat? Annapurna's Stray will check off this requirement for the PS5.

Stray PS5
Photo: Annapurna Interactive

June’s PlayStation 5 reveal event aimed at showing fans “the future of gaming” had many show stoppers but few caught my attention like Stray, a new title from French studio BlueTwelve and publisher Annapurna Interactive. The third-person adventure game is not only set in a futuristic city populated by quirky robots who emulate human activities but it stars an adorable cat. Players will roam this street as this stray feline as he solves the mysteries of this peculiar setting.

The cat will explore “the detailed neon-lit alleys of a decaying cybercity and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly” while facing “unforeseen threats and solve the mysteries of this unwelcoming place inhabited by nothing but unassuming droids and dangerous creatures,” according to a press release. “Lost, alone and separated from family, players must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find the way home.”

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer is stunning and moody, bathed in neon and shadows. The game also seems to have a dark sense of humor, as robot “barbers” adjust the bolts of other machines. The robotic population sits at counters eating late meals and having conversations on the street and picking through dumpsters. All the while, the cat wanders through the city. It’s possible that he’s the only organic thing in the world designed by BlueTwelve.

Stray is one of three console exclusive Annapurna games coming to the PlayStation 5. The label also announced Solar Ash, a new game from Heart Machine, the creators of the popular Hyper Light Drifter.

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“In Solar Ash, players explore the Ultravoid, an unstoppable rift of despair ripping through space, with fast, fluid traversal, massive encounters and heartbreaking stories,” Annapurna said of the game.

There’s also The Pathless, a new game from ABZU developer Giant Squid. The game is a “mythic adventure of an archer and an eagle in a vast forest. Players take on the role of the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world. “

Annapurna explains that “the Hunter must forge a connection with an eagle companion to hunt corrupted spirits, in turn being careful to not become the hunted. Players will explore misty forests full of secrets, solve puzzles in ancient ruins and be tested in epic battles. The bond between the Hunter and eagle and the fate of the world hang in the balance.”

Stray and Solar Ash are scheduled to release in 2021, while The Pathless doesn’t have a release date as of yet. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.