Stray: Where to Find Every Piece of Sheet Music

Are you still trying to collect every piece of sheet music in Stray? Here's where you can find every collectible in that tricky side quest.

Stray Game
Photo: Annapurna Interactive

Stray may be a fairly small and short game, but it’s packed with secrets, collectibles, and sidequests that you can easily miss if you don’t take the time to explore your surroundings. Even if you do take the time to explore Stray’s lovely cyberpunk world, though, you’ll likely still have a hard time locating every piece of collectible sheet music in the game.

That’s a shame because the quest to find all of the sheet music in Stray really is an adventure worth embarking upon. While the rewards for completing the quest are pretty modest, the process of finding every piece of sheet music will show you some corners of Stray‘s world you would have otherwise easily missed. Besides, who doesn’t like unlocking a few additional music tracks

Here’s where you can find every piece of sheet music in Stray

Stray: Where Do You Find Morusque?

While you can start looking for sheet music in Stray whenever you’d like, the quest is technically given to you by Morusque: a robot musician who is looking for new songs to play. 

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You’ll find Morusque in The Slums district near the spot where you meet The Guardian. Head downstairs from there and take a left. You should run into Morusque soon thereafter. They’re the robot with a guitar and a head of artificial hair. They’re tough to miss. 

While you don’t need to talk to Morusque to begin this quest, it’s useful to keep their location in mind. Not only will you eventually need to give them the sheet music, but their location is a helpful waypoint for finding a few pieces of said sheet music. 

Stray Sheet Music 1 Location

Stray: Sheet Music 1 Location – Petit Valse

Start at the place where you met The Guardian and climb up to the nearby rooftops. From there, you should see a bright orange neon sign. Head towards that sign and look for the open window underneath it. That window leads to Momo’s apartment. 

Once you’re inside the apartment, look for a metal door located to the left of a nearby hallway. You should be able to get through the bars near the bottom of that door and enter the next room. The sheet music is on the top of the shelf in that room. 

Stray Sheet Music 2 Location

Stray: Sheet Music 2 Location – Ballad of the Lonely Robot

Head to the bar with the bright red neon sign above it (Dufer Bar) and climb up the nearby vending machine. From there, work your way to the rooftops. Eventually, you should see a paper lantern near an open window. To the right of that window is a balcony with a table, chairs, and an umbrella. 

Make your way to that balcony, and you should see a piece of sheet music sitting on the nearby table. 

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Stray Sheet Music 3 Location

Stray: Sheet Music 3 Location – Untitled

Go left from Dufer Bar and turn into the nearby alley. Follow the alley until you find a red door with a glowing yellow sign above it. This location is called “Elliot Programming.” Scratch the door and someone should let you inside. 

Once inside, look for the painting on the wall straight ahead of you. On that painting is your next piece of sheet music.

Stray Sheet Music 4 Location

Stray: Sheet Music 4 Location – The Way You Compute Tonight

This one is a bit tricky. Basically, there is a robot merchant named Azooz who will gladly trade you a piece of sheet music for an energy drink. If you have an energy drink to spare…you’re set! If not, you’ll need to find one. 

Energy drinks can be found in vending machines throughout this area, and there just so happens to be a vending machine located near the palace where you met The Guardian. Just go to that spot and head down the nearby steps to the left. Keep walking, and you should find a vending machine on your right. Interact with it, grab your energy drink, and go back to the merchant to claim your sheet music. 

Stray Sheet Music 5 Location

Stray: Sheet Music 5 Location – Tomorrows

Go inside Dufer Bar and head up the stairs found on your left. Turn right as soon as you reach the top of those stairs. 

From there, look for a series of booths alongside the nearby wall. You’ll find this piece of sheet music on top of one of the booth’s tables. If you can’t seem to spot the right table, it’s the one directly across from the pool table in the middle of the room. 

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Stray Sheet Music 6 Location

Stray: Sheet Music 6 Location – Cool Down

Remember that apartment with the open window and the paper lantern I mentioned in the Sheet Music 2 section? Head back to that apartment and jump through the window this time rather than to the nearby balcony. 

Once you’ve entered the apartment via that window, walk straight ahead until you reach a sliding wood door with broken panes of glass. Walk through one of the open squares in that door and look for a small bookshelf to your right. The sheet music is on that bookshelf. 

Stray Sheet Music 7 Location

Stray: Sheet Music 7 Location – Mildly Important Information

This one isn’t that hard to reach, but it’s a little difficult to spot. 

If you’re already in or near the apartment where you found Sheet Music 6, simply head out of that apartment’s open window and climb onto the nearby balcony where you found Sheet Music 2. 

Directly across from you is a bright orange/red neon sign. Look to the left of that sign, and you should see a balcony near some traffic cones, a couple of hanging paper lanterns, and a strange blue light. Walk along the nearby pipes and rooftops until you reach that balcony. 

Head through the small gap at the bottom of the door on that balcony. You’ll soon find yourself in a small library. Take a right and then take your next available left. You should see a piano in the middle of the room. Sheet Music 7 is, appropriately enough, found on that piano. 

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Stray Sheet Music 8 Location

Stray: Sheet Music 8 Location – Unreadable Sheet Music

Walk through the alley located just to the right of Morusque. You’ll find a small safe in that alley that contains the final piece of sheet music. 

Technically, you’re supposed to go through a whole little adventure to find the code for that safe. Since you’re here, though, I suppose you want to know that the code for the safe is 1283. Enter the code, take the Sheet Music, and go back to Morusque. Hand each sheet to him one by one (assuming you haven’t already been turning in the music) and he’ll eventually reward you with the Music Badge as well as the Meowlody Trophy/Achievement. Congratulations!