Stray: Every Digicode and Safe Puzzle Solution

If you'd rather not hunt down every Digicode and safe key in Stray, this guide should help point you in the right direction.

Stray Game
Photo: Annapurna Interactive

Stray‘s biggest selling point may be the ability to run around as a particularly cute cat, but don’t take the game’s charm as a sign that it’s going to be a complete walk in the park. Actually, there’s a pretty good chance that some of the game’s Digicode and safe puzzles will leave you scratching your head.

Like a surprising number of other modern games, Stray is filled with safes that can only be unlocked with special codes that are typically found somewhere near the safes themselves. While the game is usually pretty good about pointing you in the right direction when it comes time to find those codes, it’s still pretty easy to lose your way and suddenly find yourself desperately searching for that magic combination of numbers.

So if you’ve encountered one of those roadblocks and just want to get over it, here is a rundown of how to unlock every safe in Stray.

Stray: How to Unlock the Door in The Flat – Digicode 3748

There’s a good chance you won’t need to “cheat” (if you’ll excuse the use of that phrase) to find this code. After all, it’s essentially part of the tutorial puzzle you’ll encounter when you first acquire B-12. Simply shine B-12’s light on the nearby whiteboard (you may need to knock a few things out of the way first), and you’ll find the code 3748 scrawled on the board in red marker.

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Of course, you should just be able to enter that code into the keypad right away if you…happen to know it. Either way, opening that door will soon lead you to one of Stray‘s most fascinating areas.

Stray: How to Unlock the Safe in The Slums – Digicode 1283

We talked about this code in our guide on how to acquire every piece of sheet music in Stray, but here’s that information again in case you need it.

If you’re trying to find this code the natural way, then you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Head to the “Elliot Programming” building and talk to Elliot. He’ll tell you to go to the Dufer Bar.
  • Go to the Dufer Bar and look for the picture of a beach above the “Dufer Bar” neon sign.
  • Interact with that sign, and it will reveal the code: 1283.
  • Input that code into the nearby safe in the alley, and you’ll finally be able to collect that last piece of of sheet music.

Stray: Where to Find the Key to the Library Safe in The Slums

So far as I know, this is the only safe in Stray that isn’t unlocked via a Digicode. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to open this safe even without knowing the code.

You’ll find this safe in the optional “library” area in The Slums. In order to find the key to that safe, it’s best to put yourself in a position so that you’re staring directly at the front of the safe. From there, take a left and go around the nearby corner. You should seek a stack of books to your right. Near those books is a doorway. Go through that doorway and look for a bed. Translate the note that you find on that bed, and the key to the safe will be all yours.

Stray: How to Unlock the Secret Lab in The Slums – Digicode 2511

If you happen to have the notebook you may have picked up in Chapter 4, you can show that notebook to Doc and unlock an extra dialog option. It’s not necessary, but it’s a nice little bit of world-building for those are interested in those kinds of things.

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Otherwise, you can just head straight to the nearby desk that has a few pictures hanging above it. Look closely, and you’ll notice that you can knock down those pictures. Knock down the picture of two robots shaking hands, and you’ll see a coded message that reads “Time Will Tell.” Knock down the picture of the yellow robot, and you’ll find a hidden keypad.

As suggested by the hidden message, the key to finding this code involves the clocks that are scattered throughout the room. From left to right, the clocks are set to 2, 5, 1, and 1. That is the code you need to enter into the recently discovered keypad in order to access the hidden area.

Stray: How to Unlock the Midtown Merchant Shop Safe – Digicode 8542

This safe is found in the Midtown electronics store (the same shop where you’ll find Paoudre). If you can’t seem to locate it, look at the top of the nearby shelf.

Inside the shop is a sign that B-12 should be able to translate. The message on the sign reads “2458 :edoC.”

Read that message backward, and you’ll realize it actually says “Code: 8542.” Simply enter that code in the nearby safe, and that sweet Cat Badge will be all yours.

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