Spider-Ham Gets a Fan-made PS4 Game

Peter Porker, the amazing Spider-Ham, has popped up in the Dreams game-making platform on the PS4.

Spider-Ham (real name Peter Porker) is on a hot streak right now. The porcine web-slinger made a big impression in last year’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie, before spinning out into a special Spider-Ham animated short, and now he’s got his own video game. Sort of.

Inspired by the swinging mechanics from Insomniac’s Spider-Man game, a fan has created their own Spider-Ham game in Dreams. If you’re unfamiliar, Dreams is a game-making platform developed by Media Molecule. Dreams is currently available in early access form on PS4 and gamers are taking to the challenge of creating their own playable experiences using the game’s toolset.

This means we’re starting to see such fan-pleasing creations as Spider-Ham, which is a terrific little idea that we’d love to see taken further. As it stands, all we have to share is this video from Twitter user @nukazukerice…

Spider-Ham has shown up in video games before, of course, with recent appearances from the bacon-based Avenger taking place in Marvel Puzzle Quest and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. In terms of fully-fledged Spidey games, Peter Porker had memorable cameos in both Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time.

Arguably, none of these experiences made the most of Spider-Ham’s potential, and they’ve just left us hungry for a full game focused on the character. This fan-made creation in Dreams has only confounded this feeling, making us hope that Marvel sees the project and decides to put something official into development.

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As it stands, we don’t really know what the future is for Spider-Man video games. Marvel’s Spider-Man left its door open for a sequel, but Insomniac is yet to formally announce one. As we hear more, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.