Predator: Hunting Grounds Multiplayer Trial Starts This Weekend

You can get your hands on Predator: Hunting Grounds for a limited time starting this weekend.

Photo: Sony

PlayStation Plus subscribers and PC gamers will be able to access a free trial of Predator: Hunting Grounds starting this weekend.

The PS4 version of the beta will require an active PlayStation Plus account to access. Those on PC will be able to access the beta by heading over to the Epic Store (where the PC version of Predator: Hunting Grounds will be exclusively available for the time being) and downloading the available trial.

Crossplay for the trial between PS4 and PC players will be active from the start of this limited event on March 27 until it ends on March 29. Trial times start at 3pm JST in Japan, 4pm GMT in Europe, and 5pm PST in North America.

The trial period will grant you access to Predator: Hunting Grounds standard mode of play. For those who haven’t been following the progress of the title, that means that you’ll be able to participate in an asymmetrical multiplayer experience which sees a group of four elite soldiers do battle against the predator. Naturally, all roles are controlled by players.

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Those who have played other asymmetrical multiplayer experiences will know roughly what to expect from this game. The four soldiers must use a combination of modern weapons and teamwork in order to defeat the predator (or escape) and a band of A.I controlled enemies. The predator, meanwhile, not only has access to high-tech alien weaponry but incredible athleticism and stealth abilities that make him extremely tough to kill.

Aesthetically, Predator: Hunting Grounds is heavily based on the original film. That means that you’ll be doing battle in dense jungles which do offer the predator player plenty of chances to seek cover but also occasionally allow the soldiers to set elaborate traps much like Arnold and the gang did in the original film.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect to be able to go full Arnold in this game and come out alive. While the developers indicate that splitting up into smaller packs can be a viable option, it really does seem like the soldier team’s biggest advantage is teamwork. Use it or lose it, kids.

Asymmetrical multiplayer games like Dead by Daylight have given us a taste of what a predator game with this format could offer, but we’re excited to see more of what happens when such a game fully commits to this world and this concept. While games like Evolve never realized their full potential, the success of the aforementioned Dead by Daylight and even the incorporation of asymmetrical multiplayer in Doom Eternal suggest that studios may be figuring out just what makes this style truly work.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is set to release in full on April 24.