Pokémon Legends Arceus: How to Complete the Elegant Tail Request

One request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus asks players to catch a Pokemon with an “elegant” tail, which forces them to search high and low for this cryptic creature.

Pokemon Legends Arceus
Photo: Nintendo

Pokémon Legends: Arceus changes up the standard Pokémon formula in many ways. In the runaway hit new game, players can explore a large, untamed world and catch Pokémon without even fighting them, but one of the most important alterations in the new game is the addition of requests gamers can complete for fun and prizes. Many of those requests revolve around catching Pokémon and completing their Pokedex entries, and while some are nice enough to spell out the objective, a few tricker ones only offer a set of clues that players have to decipher.

Partway into the game, the NPC Asabei in Jubilife Village gives players the request “An Elegant Tail.” At first glance, the mission seems straightforward: Show him a Pokémon with a tail that is “elegant and swirly like a spring.” The only problem is Asabei didn’t get a good look at the creature. He doesn’t even remember where he saw it, just that it had a unique tail. At least the request “The Search of Bitter Leaves” tells players they can find its target Pokémon (a Petilil described as a plant with “three leaves”) in the Crimson Mirelands. So, it’s up to players to suss out where Asabei’s mystery Pokémon lives and what, exactly, it is.

Thankfully, even though Asabei has no idea where to find the Pokémon, his description of its tail narrows the possibilities down considerably. Only two Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus have a springlike tail: Pikachu and Glameow. Conveniently, Pikachu’s tail is not swirly in the slightest, so by process of elimination, we know Asabei is looking for a Glameow. If you already have one, just show it to him and that’s that. Otherwise, you need to figure out where to find the Pokémon and then catch it.

Depending on how much you have explored Hisui and filled out your Pokedex, you might know that Glameow congregate in the Glacier Terrace of Alabaster Icelands, as well as the Crossing Slope and Veilstone Cape of the Cobalt Coastlands. With that knowledge in hand, all you have to do is journey to any of those areas and catch a Glameow.

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Unfortunately, these Pokémon are rather skittish and tend to run away, so try to sneak up on them, battle them, or lure them out with Hearty Grains, Plump Beans, or cakes made with those ingredients. Also, if you want to catch a Glameow in the Veilstone Cape, keep your eyes peeled for an Alpha Purugly. Unlike its relatives, this Pokémon will attack you on sight, and it’s hard to catch a Glameow when a giant Purugly is trying to kill you.

Once you have the Glameow in hand, simply head back to Jubilife Village and show Asabei the Pokémon. Don’t worry; you will get it back once Asabei is done looking at it. Afterward, Asabie will reward your hard work with two Aux Evasions and two Grit Gravels, which temporarily increase a Pokémon’s evasion in battle and permanently increase the effort level of a stat, respectively.