Outriders: The Best Titanium Farm Spots and Tips

Titanium is one of Outriders' most valuable resources, but you may have a tough time finding it if you don't take advantage of these farming strategies.

Photo: Square Enix

While most of Outriders‘ resources are useful in one way or another, Titanium tends to be the most desirable resource for Outriders challenging late game. It allows you to improve the rarity of lower-level items and raise the attributes of your existing Epic and Legendary gear.

Given how valuable Titanium is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it can be pretty hard to find. While not as rare as Legendary gear (or a stable connection to Outriders‘ servers), you’re going to have work to earn enough of this stuff to be able to upgrade all of the gear you’ll eventually want to upgrade. Thankfully, it turns out it’s not that hard to farm Titanium. You just need to know what to do and where to look. It also helps to be patient, but as we’re about to see, that’s not a strict requirement if you know what you’re doing.

Here’s a brief look at what you need to know about farming Titanium in Outriders.

Turn On Outriders Auto-Loot Feature For Easier Titanium Mining

In case you didn’t know, Outriders does have an “auto-loot” feature that allows you to automatically pick up any items you may have otherwise missed when you leave an area. That also means that you can automatically mine resource spots that could contain Titanium.

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There are a couple of ways to take advantage of this feature. The first involves opening Outriders‘ settings, going to the “Gameplay” section, and setting your preferred “Auto Loot Minimum Rarity.” This should ensure that you automatically loot every item that is at least of that quality. You’ll want to leave this on “Common” if you want to pick up everything in an area (including all resources), but late-game players may want to bump that up to Epic or Legendary to avoid picking up excess junk.

The thing about that auto-loot system, though, is that it doesn’t seem to be working as intended for a lot of players. What many have found, though, is that pushing down on the D-pad seems to pick up all available resources within close proximity of your character. Developer People Can Fly says that button manually triggers your auto-loot setting, but I’ve also heard reports that it can actually auto-loot every item a tier below your current auto-loot settings. In any case, it’s a pretty easy way to gather nearby loot and resources without having to pick up and mine everything.

Scrap Unneeded Epic and Legendary Items For Extra Titanium

This is hardly a farming method, but if you find that you’re burdened with an excess of Epic and Legendary items, then you can always scrap them for a chance of acquiring extra Titanium.

How big of a chance? Well, it certainly seems that Legendary items offer more Titanium on average when scrapped, but the exact amount of Titanium you find (if you find it at all) really does seem to come down to little more than luck.

As you’ve probably guessed, though, this really only becomes a viable way of finding Titanium when you’re in the endgame and are only looking for specific items to replace your current gear. Otherwise, it’s a great way to pick up some extra scraps along the way.

Raise Your World Tier Setting Past “9” for Extra Titanium Rewards

World Tiers help you control a lot of the otherwise “random” elements in Outriders by increasing your chances of finding certain items. At a certain point, your World Tier will even automatically reward you with extra Titanium.

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Past Word Tier 9, the World Tier reward chest you receive at the end of missions will contain a small amount of Titanium. While the amount of Titanium goes up as your current World Tier does, it’s pretty tough to rely on those chest rewards as your sole source for Titanium. Like scrapping weapons, you’ll need to use these rewards to supplement the other ways you’ll gather Titanium.

Just Keep Playing Outriders’ Expeditions For Titanium

Outriders‘ enjoyable endgame consists of special “Expedition” missions designed to offer incredibly tough challenges you just won’t find in the campaign. That also means that they often reward you with the best resources and items in the game. Obviously, those rewards include Titanium.

If you’re already in the endgame, you might as well consider endlessly running Expeditions in order to farm Titanium. Is it the fastest method? Not really, but unless you’re super into the grind or just need as much Titanium as possible as fast as possible, you should eventually be rewarded with a decent amount of the resource simply by playing the content you were going to play anyway.

Keep Farming Elites For Titanium Drops

Like Legendary gear, one of the best ways to farm Titanium involves finding a mission or a checkpoint with a lot of Elite enemies (or just Elite enemies located near checkpoints) and killing them over and over until you eventually get all of the Titanium your heart desires.

This is honestly the preferred method of “farming” Titanium at the moment since it’s the only way to consistently acquire the material during the early parts of the game. There’s no guarantee you’ll acquire Titanium via his method, but there is a guarantee that the enemies you kill during these runs will have a higher chance of dropping either Titanium or the gear you need to scrap to acquire it.

Where are The Best Titanium Farming Spots in Outriders?

Just like Legendary gear farms, the best Titanium farming spots in Outriders tend to be the spots that are close to Elite enemies or bosses. You just find a story checkpoint that fits that requirement, kill the nearby Elite enemies, and repeat until you achieve the desired results.

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If you’re looking for the best Titanium farming spot that players have found so far, though, then you’ll want to go straight to the Eagle Peaks story checkpoint. This checkpoint puts you within shouting distance of a giant spider boss. Because that boss is incredibly easy to get to (and honestly isn’t that difficult even at higher world tiers), he’s one of the best potential sources of Titanium.

You’ll obviously get more Titanium from him if you’re at a higher World Tier, but even a mid-level World Tier setting can yield big rewards if you just keep running this one enough.