New Lego Star Wars Game Reportedly In Development

Lego Star Wars may be making a massive comeback in 2019.

New information suggests that another Lego Star Wars game is in development. 

During an interview at Star Wars Celebration, Matt Wood of Skywalker Sound (the audio company that officially handles many of the modern entries into the Star Wars franchise), casually mentioned that a new Lego Star Wars game is among the many projects that the company is working on. It was almost certainly a slip of the tongue as this is the first time that we’ve heard anybody potentially associated with this project speak about it in public. 

On top of that, Eurogamer notes that they’ve spoken to separate sources who have confirmed that there is indeed a new Lego Star Wars game in development. It’s not clear who those sources work for, but it stands to reason that EA would need to be involved on some level given their iron grip on the Star Wars game license. 

What’s really interesting, though, is the fact that Eurogamer’s sources have indicated that this will not just be an adaptation of The Last Jedi and Rise of the Skywalker. While nobody seems to be saying for sure what films and shows the game will cover, it has been described as the ultimate Lego Star Wars experience, which has led many to believe that it will actually cover the entire saga up until this point. 

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That’s certainly possible, but the fact that almost every Star Wars story has been told via a Lego Star Wars game until this point means that this upcoming game would likely have to re-package the saga story in some way. While we can’t rule out the possibility of some kind of remaster of previous Lego Star Wars games complemented by new material, it sounds like this is going to be a much more ambitious project than that. Our best guess is that this game is going to be closer to a remake of many of the previous Lego Star Wars titles, but it may present some of the previous adventures in a slightly shortened (or altered) form. 

It’s also been rumored that the new Lego Star Wars will be released later this year, so we expect to hear more about it before too long.

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