Minecraft Legends Multiplayer: How to Play Co-Op and Cross Platform

Minecraft Legends offers a variety of multiplayer options. Here is how you access all of them.

Minecraft Legends
Photo: Xbox Game Studios

Minecraft Legends (the RTS spin-off of the Minecraft franchise) just arrived for all major consoles and PC. While the game doesn’t quite reach the heights of Minecraft Dungeons, it’s a fun little take on the absurdly popular franchise. Of course, Minecraft Legends is a lot more fun if you play it with friends via one of the game’s multiplayer modes.

While Minecraft Legends features fairly extensive multiplayer options, it’s not easy to tell from the outset how to access all of them or what they really offer. That being the case, here’s an overview of how you can (and can’t) play Minecraft Legends with friends.

Minecraft Legends: Is There Splitscreen Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, there are no splitscreen multiplayer or couch co-op multiplayer options in Minecraft Legends. While you can play with friends online, there is no way to share the game while sharing a screen. That’s disappointing given that previous Minecraft games made great use of that feature, but it’s hard to imagine being able to efficiently play Legends on the same screen.

Does Minecraft Legends Support Crossplay and Cross-Platform Multiplayer?

Minecraft Legends does support crossplay across all available platforms. That means that PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo gamers can play with PC gamers and every other combination of those possibilities.

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Even better, you don’t need to do anything special to access this feature. Just invite your friends to play as you normally would, and you’ll be good to go.

Speaking of inviting friends…

Minecraft Legends: How to Invite Friends to Multiplayer

There are two ways to invite your friends into your Minecraft Legends Multiplayer session.

When selecting your Minecraft Legends multiplayer mode, you’ll see an option called “Player Access.” There, you’ll be able to choose either “Friends” or “Invite Only.” If the option is set to Friends, then anyone on your Friends List will be able to join you whenever you’re playing a multiplayer mode. If that option is selected to Invite Only, then the host must invite you to join their game.

Minecraft Legends: How to Play Campaign Multiplayer

You can play Minecraft Legends‘ campaign with up to three friends (four players total) using the invite methods described above. The entire campaign is playable via co-op, though there are a few rules and restrictions you should know about.

– Difficulty does not scale in the co-op campaign. Playing with more people will make the game significantly easier. There is currently no way to adjust that option other than the difficulty options already available in the game.

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– Progress you make in the host’s game does not carry over to your profile, but it does stay on there. If you beat the game laying on a friend’s profile but haven’t started it on yours, the campaign will still not be started on your profile.

– Co-op players do share resources in the campaign. However, everyone has their own Allays.

Minecraft Legends: How to Play Competitive Multiplayer

Minecraft Legend‘s Versus mode allows players to join either a Blue or Orange team. The goal is to destroy the other player’s base before they destroy your base.

Unlike other Minecraft Legends multiplayer options, random players can join your Versus game. Just know that your Versus mode only offers one vs. one and four vs. four match options. You can’t stack the teams from the outset.

Minecraft Legends: How to Play Lost Legends & Myths Cooperative Multiplayer

Finally, players can work together to complete special Lost Legends & Myths challenges. These challenges are only available once a month and will regularly rotate for the foreseeable future.

Just note that you cannot join a Lost Legends & Myths challenge that is already in progress. You have to form your party before starting and you can’t invite new players after the fact.

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