Marvel Future Revolution Character Tier List: Who is the Best Hero in the Game?

Marvel Future Revolution is one of the year's best mobile games, but which Marvel hero tops the RPG's current tier list?

Marvel Future Revolution Heroes
Photo: Netmarble

As a free-to-play ARPG/MMORPG hybrid starring some of the most famous characters in the Marvel universe, Marvel Future Revolution has to be considered one of the most surprising mobile games of the year.

While Marvel Future Revolution features some of the more unfortunate qualities we associate with the mobile gaming scene (quite a few cosmetic microtransactions, simplified controls, and occasionally limited gameplay) it’s actually a fairly robust RPG in its own right that might even be better than Square Enix’s Avengers game. Actually, you could argue that it comes closer to being the RPG that some fans wanted that game to be.

Of course, as is typically the case with any RPG featuring multiple playable characters, some of Marvel Future Revolution‘s heroes are simply stronger than others. While the meta is always shifting with every update and character addition, these are the best heroes in Marvel Future Revolution at the moment.

S-Tier Marvel Future Revolution Heroes: Captain America, Doctor Strange

Captain America

Picking Captain America in Marvel Future Revolution is like picking Mario in Mario spin-off games. He’s basically the “pretty good at everything, not really bad at anything in particular” pick. If anything, Captain America might be a bit stronger than he should be. He’s just a great melee character who does pretty much everything well. 

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Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange, meanwhile, is your standard AoE-focused destroyer of worlds. Characters that deal damage in wide areas tend to do well in these types of RPG games, and Doctor Strange is currently the most capable overall character in that particular category. It’s really hard to pass up the damage he brings to the table. 

A-Tier Marvel Future Revolution Heroes: Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Storm

Iron Man

Iron Man is an incredibly strong character, but the strangest thing about him is the way he “scales” with your progression. He’s very powerful and incredibly easy to play in the early game, but he becomes a little less useful later on as other characters pass him by. He’s still a more-than-capable ranged DPS option, though, and he’ll be one of your best options for most of the game.  

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s mobility issues hurt her a bit, but there’s no denying that she’s simply one of the most powerful damage dealers in the game. If you take the time to learn her, you’ll find she’s one of the most effective single target destroyers in Marvel Future Revolutions. It’s just hard to replace the potential of her damage abilities, especially against more powerful foes.


As for Storm…well she’s honestly a worse version of Doctor Strange in a lot of ways. However, her AoE abilities are still some of the best room clearers in the game, and she might just be the fastest (and easiest) character to level. She’s definitely great to have in a party if you want to wipe out groups of lesser enemies as quickly as possible.

B-Tier Marvel Future Revolution Heroes: Black Widow, Spider-Man

Black Widow

Black Widow is in a bit of a weird spot compared to her fellow roster members. She’s potentially the best overall damage dealer in the game, but she’s also one of the weakest characters in terms of defense. That means that you can get quite a bit out of her, but she’s always at risk of dying so quickly that you’ll wish you picked someone else. 


Spider-Man is arguably the most versatile character in the game, but he’s also somewhat more difficult to handle. You’re going to have to work harder to get more out of him, which wouldn’t be a problem if so many other characters didn’t offer so much more out of the gate. Still, he can certainly be a great late-game option.

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C-Tier Marvel Future Revolution Heroes: Star-Lord


Poor Star-Lord. He may be one of the most entertaining and unique characters in Marvel Future Revolution, but he simply doesn’t have the damage needed to compete with the best heroes in the game. It’s a shame that Star-Lord can’t do more given how fun it is to play as him, but unless you really enjoy his playstyle or the character, you’re honestly better off looking anywhere else.