Good News Gaming: an incredibly sweet story from the Untitled Goose Game team

If you've got time for a very lovely story, let the team behind Untitled Goose Game make your day

Welcome to our new-ish ‘Good News Gaming’ column! In this series of articles, we’ll amplify the nicer side of the gaming community that maybe doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. This time, we’re retelling a very sweet story from the upcoming indie Untitled Goose Game…

One of our most highly anticipated games of 2019 is Untitled Goose Game, from the Melbourne-based developers at House House, which is a playful stealth title that puts you in the role of a mischevious goose that terrorises a village with its disruptive antics. We can’t wait to play it, basically, and there is also a very sweet story to be told from behind the scenes on the game. 

A bit of context, then: Untitled Goose Game has been picked up for a release on Nintendo Switch, which turns out to be a very big deal for one particular person who’s involved in the indie game. That chap is named Cabel Sasser, and he’s a co-founder Panic Inc, the company that’s publishing the title. 

Sasser took to his own Twitter feed last autumn to share some personal thoughts and feelings on what it means to him for Untitled Goose Game to be launching on the Switch. The result was one of the sweetest Twitter threads in recent memory, that we’re still thinking of months later, so we’ll hand over to Sasser now to tell his story in his own words…

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We told you it was sweet! Isn’t it just lovely to see such a passionate Nintendo fan quite literally living his dream and getting the tour that he’d been denied all those years prior? Whose heart wouldn’t melt at that!

And, as a happy by-product, knowing this real-life anecdote makes us even more hyped for Untitled Goose Game. The title doesn’t have a release date, at the time of writing, but we can’t wait to check this game out and we’ll be sure to let you know as learn more about it.

Thanks for reading, and, if you like, please feel free to let us know your own sweet stories about gaming in the comments below…