Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know About Dragon Ball Adventure Island

As fun as it is to demolish enemies with a Kamehameha Wave or see Goku running around with an assault rifle, the Fortnite/Dragon Ball crossover event isn’t just emotes and skins. Here's what you need to know about Adventure Island.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Event
Photo: Epic Games

Lately, Fortnite has been all about mixing and matching different realities. What started with just the occasional Marvel Cinematic Universe cameo now lets the anime worlds of Naruto and, more recently, Dragon Ball take up permanent residence in Epic Games’ crossover collaboration universe. However, unlike Naruto, the Dragon Ball crossover has far more going for it than just personality and glider skins. Nothing less for the king of anime.

While the arguable meat of the Dragon Ball crossover event is its various cosmetics and missions (if you complete all of them, you get to turn your glider into the mythic wish dragon, Shenron), players can also simply choose to visit Adventure Island and relax for a while. That special location, which is completely separate from the main battle royale island, is filled with locations gleefully ripped straight from the event’s source material. 

While that event’s trailer teases Adventure Island and shows tidbits of what players can expect, it doesn’t paint the whole picture. That being the case, here’s everything you need to know about the island.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Z Event: How Do You Enter Adventure Island?

Adventure Island is technically a variation of Fortnite’s creative mode, so even though you can’t build anything there, you still enter it the same way.

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To enter Adventure Island, you first need to pick a game mode from the main Fortnite screen. You can open the game mode tab by clicking on it or pressing the appropriate controller button (e.g., square on the PlayStation controller, Y on the Switch controller, etc.). This page lets you select everything from vanilla battle royale to zero-build gameplay modes, but if you want to visit Adventure Island, simply scroll down until you find it.

Alternatively, you can jump directly to the Adventure Island selection option by using the following creator code:


The game mode should be pretty easy to find since it has Goku posing for the camera. Select the island and queue as normal by hitting the play button. Simple as that. Well, almost.

While scrolling for Adventure Island, you will also see other Dragon Ball-themed islands called “Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival.” These are technically separate from Adventure Island (more on them later), but if you want to participate in their special events, you enter them the same way.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Z Event: What Can You Do On Adventure Island?

Adventure Island is, at its core, a celebration of everything Dragon Ball. The place is littered with iconic locations from the franchise, all lovingly recreated in Fortnite’s engine. However, the island is more than just a sightseeing tour.

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Now, cards on the table, calling the game mode “Adventure Island” is a bit of a misnomer. The “island” is divided into five different areas, each themed after a recognizable Dragon Ball locale and accessible via a Capsule Corp ship and in-game loading screen.

You’ve got Capsule Corp building, Goku’s House, The Room of Spirit and Time (aka. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber), Kami’s Lookout, and Beerus’ Planet. While you can wander each area and take in the sights (and collect capsules for some XP) you can also complete different missions to earn Dragon Balls.

For instance, at Goku’s House, gather some fish, mushrooms, and peppers, and then use them to craft three recipes and claim a Dragon Ball. On Beerus’ Planet, just smash some rocks with a free Kamehameha to earn your prize. Once you collect all seven Dragon Balls, Fortnite whisks you away to summon Shenron and make a wish that will either leave you wreathed in yellow fire or blue flames.

Even after you’ve completed that part of the adventure, there’s still plenty to do on Adventure Island. In the resort hub area, for instance, you can jump into the martial arts tournament arena for some small PvP action. And, you can also transport over to a Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival island to stream free episodes of Dragon Ball Super. This sounds like a wish come true for Dragon Ball fans, but this wish was made on a monkey’s paw, not Shenron, since these Episode Festival islands stream Dragon Ball Super episodes 9, 10, 11, 13, 81, and 98 on loop.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Z Event: When Does Adventure Island End?

While the Dragon Ball crossover event will only last until August 30, the Adventure Island will stick around until September 17 (or at least the Episode Festival islands will). Still, that’s more than enough time to binge all of the episodes on offer and complete all of the island’s missions.

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