Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Release Date, Trailer, News, and Details

Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, including latest news, release date, trailer, and more!

One of the most beloved entries in the Final Fantasy series is being remade from the ground up for a new generation of consoles and fans. Final Fantasy VII boasts all new visuals while delivering the same memorable story. 

The remake of the 1997 JRPG classic was first unveiled at E3 2015, where it received a standing ovation from fans who’d been clamoring for a remake since the PS3 era. It turns out that their patience would be stretched to the limit. Five years later, Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally reaching the finish line, but there’s a catch — the remake is being released episodically, meaning that the game releasing this year will only cover a section nof the original game. This first part is set in a largely expanded version of the city of Midgar, with future installments planned to cover other parts of the original. 

When you do have the game in your hands, the biggest change you’ll notice, besides the completely redesigned graphics, is the combat system, which has been heavily influenced by the real-time action featured in Final Fantasy XV. Expect the combat to be a bit more free-flowing than you might remember. 

Here’s everything we know about this highly anticipated remake:

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date

Final Fantasy VII Remakereleases on April 10, delayed from its original release date of March 3. The game is coming to the PlayStation 4. It will be a timed exclusive for the PS4 until April 10, 2021. 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer

The latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer focuses on the game’s music, characters, and a notably strange sidequest. You’ve got to check it out:

This trailer premiered at The Game Awards 2019. Watch it below:

This demo from TGS 2019 features a blend of cinematics, combat, and minigames. All of it looks stunning:

Here’s the gameplay demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake that Square Enix showcased at E3 2019:

Square Enix also brought a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake to E3 2019. It’s a stunner:

Square Enix debuted a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake during E3 2019. Watch it below:

This next trailer showcases more of the remake’s real-time combat. Even better, Square Enix has promised to reveal the game’s release date sometime soon. 

And here are the earlier trailers:

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