Final Fantasy 15 Mobile MMO Revealed

Final Fantasy 15 is being turned into a mobile MMO that is set to release first in China.

Final Fantasy 15 MMO Mobile

Square Enix is seemingly working on a new MMO based on Final Fantasy 15 that is set to release for mobile devices. 

This information comes from the website Kultur who state that Square Enix will work with Chinese studio GAEA Mobile and South Korean developer JSC Games on the upcoming project. At the time, that project is called Final Fantasy 15 Mobile, which is actually something of a strange title despite its seeming simplicity. Not only have there been other mobile games based on Final Fantasy 15, but Final Fantasy 15 wasn’t originally an MMO. As such, it’s a little odd for such a game to have a name that implies it will be a mobile version of that experience. 

Regardless, it seems that the team hopes to translate FF 15‘s more action-oriented gameplay into a mobile MMO featuring large areas to explore. Naturally, they’ll also be working on ways to make all of that possible via the sometimes limited touch controls offered by mobile devices. 

If you’re at all familiar with the fairly recent wave of mobile MMOs, you probably already have an idea in your mind of what to expect from this title. While such games will never be able to replicate the MMO experience offered by games like World of Warcraft, they’ve proven to popular in their own right, especially in regions where mobile gaming is often seen as a primary gaming platform. 

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We also understand if the idea of such a game doesn’t appeal to you. The fact of the matter is that the history of Final Fantasy mobile games has been shaky at best, and even the best games on that platform haven’t exactly lived up to the legacy of the best (and most interesting) Final Fantasy console titles. 

Final Fantasy 15 Mobile is expected to release in China at an unknown time that likely won’t be before later this year. It may receive a worldwide release sometime thereafter.

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