Elden Ring Release Time: When Will the Game Be Playable?

Wondering what time you can start playing Elden Ring this week? We have the answers!

Elden Ring Release Time
Photo: Bandai Namco

Elden Ring may be the biggest video game release of the year and it’s only February. This collaboration between celebrated studio FromSoftware and acclaimed novelist George R. R. Martin brings a whole new fantasy world full of dangers and punishing boss fights for Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro fans to explore.

This time around, players will explore the Lands Between, a mystical realm ruled by demigods who have been corrupted by the Great Runes, shards of the titular Elden Ring, which bestows ultimate power on its wearer. You play as a Tarnished — an exile from the Lands Between — who’s on a quest to defeat all the demigods and reunite the Great Runes to once again form the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord.

Yes, it’s a bit of The Lord of the Rings mixed with the signature carnage and world-building that has turned FromSoftware into one of the most exciting developers in modern gaming. Throw in a story by the creator of Game of Thrones and you have the year’s first major contender for Game of the Year.

At the very least, the game has definitely wowed plenty of critics. Reviews are in and Elden Ring currently sits at a 97 score on Metacritic, with several perfect scores from individual outlets to boot. It sounds like the long delays the game faced after it was announced at E3 2019 were well worth it.

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But the wait is finally almost over. PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players can finally start playing the game later this week. That said, the release times are a little tricky depending on your platform of choice and what time zone you’re in. If you want to know when the game will be playable in the US, UK, and other parts of the world, you can check out the helpful quick guide below:


PC: Feb 24 – 3:00 PM PT
Consoles: Feb 24 – 9:00 PM PT


PC: Feb 24 – 5:00 PM CT
Consoles: Feb 24 – 11:00 PM CT


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PC: Feb 24 – 6:00 PM ET
Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time


PC: Feb 24 – 11:00 PM GMT
Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time


PC: Feb 25 – 12:00 AM CET
Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time


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PC: Feb 25 – 10:00 AM AEDT
Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time


PC: Feb 25 – 12:00 PM NZDT
Consoles: Feb 25 – Midnight Local Time

Stay tuned for much more Elden Ring coverage in the coming days, including our review, guides to defeating the game’s toughest areas, and much more!