Elden Ring Leak Confirms Return of Iconic Dark Souls Weapon

Elden Ring carries on another Dark Souls tradition by seemingly reviving a weapon seen in many FromSoftware titles.

Elden Ring combat
Photo: Bandai Namco

Recent Elden Ring leaks seemingly confirm that one of the most iconic weapons from the Dark Souls franchise (and most of FromSoftware’s other games) will return in the studio’s long-awaited open-world RPG.

Elden Ring leakers have recently uploaded a series of clips that largely focus on the game’s magical attacks and abilities. Well, this fascinating video appears to verify that Elden Ring players will eventually be able to wield the famous Moonlight Sword: a weapon that has appeared in some way in most of FromSoftware’s games since King’s Field. Apologies in advance if that video gets taken down. It seems that more and more leaked Elden Ring footage is being purged from the internet in the weeks leading up to the game’s release.

While the Moonlight Sword (or Moonlight Greatsword, as it is sometimes presented) is pretty much a FromSoftware staple by this point, the fact that the weapon wasn’t included in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice left some FromSoftware fans feeling worried that the sword also wouldn’t appear in Elden Ring. After all, FromSoftware’s Yasuhiro Kitao previously stated that the sword was cut from Sekiro because the team wanted to focus on “creating a very set setting that works within itself,” and Elden Ring‘s departures from other FromSoftware staples (as well as its outside creative influences) seemingly set the stage for the sword to be cut once again.

This recent link appears to confirm that the Moonlight Sword will appear in Elden Ring in some way, but it’s important to consider the context of this footage before we arrive at any definitive conclusions.

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First off, nobody outside of FromSoftware has access to the full version of Elden Ring just yet (at least to our knowledge), which means that these leaks are largely based on data mined from Elden Ring‘s recent network test and similar sources. As such, there’s still a chance that the information presented in these leaks will either not be seen in the final game or will be altered in the final game in some way.

Interestingly, that footage also makes it look like you need to summon the Moonlight Sword via magic rather than equip it (though that information hasn’t been confirmed and is obviously still based on an incomplete version of the final game). If that is the case, then Elden Ring could go the Dark Souls 3 route by allowing you to both equip the Moonlight Sword as a weapon and summon a version of it via a spell (or just allow you to summon it).

On that note, it’s been great to see just how diverse Elden Ring‘s combat appears to be so far. Again, the final product will tell the whole tale, but it really does seem like FromSoftware is taking some big swings in terms of how many different types of viable “character builds” they’re going to allow you to create in Elden Ring.

If nothing else, the apparent presence of the Moonlight Sword in Elden Ring should warm the hearts of FromSoftware fans who love some of this studio’s traditions and pique the interest of those who still wonder how close Elden Ring will be to a slightly more “traditional” Soulsborne game.