Elden Ring: How to Complete the Jar-Bairn Questline

Elden Ring's 1.03 update introduces a new NPC called Jar-Bairn and a confusing questline that is worth going out of your way to complete.

Jar Bairn
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Elden Ring‘s massive 1.03 update includes quite a few buffs, nerfs, QOL updates, and performance improvements, but one of the update’s most exciting features is the addition of a new NPC known as Jar-Bairn. As it turns out, that new NPC also offers a new questline that helps solve quite a few Elden Ring mysteries.

While those starting their Elden Ring adventure after the 1.03 update may be able to follow Jar-Bairn’s questline easily enough, anyone trying to complete the quest near the end of the game (or after they’ve made significant process elsewhere) may be confused by the ways this quest ties into other NPC questlines. For that matter, anyone who hasn’t been going out of their way to complete Elden Ring‘s questlines and connect the game’s lore dots will probably also struggle to complete some of this new NPC’s odd requests.

Regardless of where you are in the game, here’s how you can find Jar-Bairn in Elden Ring and complete his worthwhile questline.

Elden Ring: Where to Find the Jar-Bairn NPC

Jar-Bairn can be found in Jarburg: an appropriately named village filled with living jars. Here is where you can find that village on the map:

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Jarburg Elden Ring Map Location

To reach Jarburg, you need to head to Carian Study Hall. Look down from there, and you should notice a series of platforms sticking out of the cliffs that you’ll be able to safely reach. Keep hopping down those platforms until you see an on-screen prompt that notes you’ve arrived in Jarburg. You should find a Site of Grace near the start of the village.

As you’re walking through Jarburg, you should soon encounter a small jar sitting atop some stone steps outside of an abandoned house. While you may be tempted to attack that character due to the fact that they resemble some of the smaller jar enemies you’ll encounter throughout Elden Ring, that is actually a “child jar” known as Jar-Bairn. So, while you can try to attack him if you’re some kind of monster, you’re probably better off interacting with him so that you can complete his questline.

Speaking of which…

Elden Ring: How to Complete the Jar-Bairn Questline

Jar-Bairn’s questline is…odd. It’s closely tied to two other Elden Ring questlines, which has only strengthened the already popular argument that the Jar-Bairn quest must have accidentally been excluded from the game or was simply not ready yet.

Regardless, you will need to complete both Jar Alexander and Diallos’ quests before you can complete Jar-Bairn’s quest. It seems like you’re able to technically begin Jar-Bairn’s quest before you finish those questlines, but you will not be able to complete it.

If you need help with the Jar Alexander quest, this guide should point you in the right direction. If you can’t figure out how to complete Diallos’ questline, this guide should help.

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Assuming that you have finished those quests, here is how to start and finish the Jar-Bairn questline:

  1. Speak with Jar-Bairn in Jarburg and agree to become his “Potentate.”
  2. Rest at the nearby Site of Grace before talking to Jar-Bairn again. He should now ask you to collect some of the flowers growing around the village. If this dialog option doesn’t appear, you may need to rest at the Site of Grace again or fast travel out of the village and return.
  3. Collect the nearby red flowers and rest at the nearby Site of Grace.
  4. Speak to Jar-Bairn again, and he should tell you a story about Jar Alexander. Exhaust that dialog sequence, rest again (you may need to fast travel out of the village as well), and Jar-Bairn should tell you about the poachers hunting his people.
  5. If you’ve completed the Diallos questline, Jar-Bairn should tell you that Diallos has arrived in the village. Complete that dialog sequence and go talk to Diallos (he should be in a nearby hut).
  6. You’ll now need to refresh this area several times. You should be able to do that by resting at the nearby Site of Grace and jumping ahead in time, but the better option may be to fast travel to multiple Sites of Grace and return to Jarburg.
  7. Speak to Jar-Bairn you return to Jarburg. You should now find him standing in the middle of the raod that leads through the village. He will tell you that Diallos recently fought off some poachers.
  8. You’ll find a mortally wounded Diallos lying up the road. Speak to him and say that he defended the jars. He’ll die shortly thereafter.
  9. Refresh Jarburg again, and you should now find Jar-Bairn sitting next to Diallos’ corpse. Speak with Bairn one more time.
  10. Refresh Jarburg, and you’ll see that Jar-Bairn has returned to his original location. If you’re speaking to him after completing Alexander’s questline, you should be able to hand him Alexander’s Insides. If you haven’t completed that quest, you’ll need to do so before acquiring that item and giving it to Bairn. After giving the insides to Bairn, be sure to exhaust your dialog options with him.
  11. Refresh Jarburg and go to where Bairn was sitting. There, you’ll find the Companion Jar talisman (which increases the potency of your throwing pots).
  12. As an added bonus, you can also go to the spot where Diallos died and loot Numen’s Rune, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and Dialllos’s Mask.

That should conclude this surprisingly sad questline. Interestingly, this quest also confirms that Alexander’s Insides are not related to one of Elden Ring‘s rumored secret endings and instead allow you to complete this previously missing questline.