Dark Souls 3 Mod Lets You Play The Game as Any Boss

This Dark Souls 3 project wants to redefine "like a boss."

If you’re looking for a unique way to re-experience Dark Souls 3 (or even play the game for the first time), you might want to check out this new mod that lets you play as one of the game’s bosses. 

Actually, that brief description doesn’t come close to capturing what this mod offers. When we say that you can play as one of the game’s bosses, we don’t mean that you get to control them in the boss fight or in a very limited scenario. We mean that this mod lets you pick a boss and explore the entirety of Dark Souls 3‘s world as that character. Needless to say, that’s an ambitious concept. 

However, it must be said that ambition in this instance also equals some technical trouble. Needless to say, Dark Souls 3 wasn’t designed to be played as a fire-breathing dragon or a 20-feet tall giant with a flaming sword. As such, there’s a fair deal of clipping, some camera issues, and more than a few balance issues caused by the fact that some of Dark Souls 3‘s bosses are essentially overpowered. 

All things considered, though, this mod’s technical issues are fairly easy to overlook when you weight them against the ambition of this concept and the way that the mod’s creator has managed to translate the abilities and looks of these different bosses into the game. 

That creator, who shared some information about the game over on Reddit, is also responsible for the development of Dark SoulsAge of Fire mod which promised to let you play as bosses/enemies in that game. However, it seems that he has transitioned to the development of this new project due to the fact that Dark Souls 3 has a more active community. 

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Unfortunately, there’s no release date available for the full version of this Dark Souls 3 mod at this time. With some luck, though, a playable version of the concept should be available soon. 

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