CS: GO YouTuber McSkillet Kills Self and Two Others in Car Crash

The controversial YouTuber and CS: GO player appears to have killed two in a suicide attempt.

Trevor Heitmann, a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and YouTuber, killed himself and two others in a multi-vehicle collision. 

According to reports released so far, 18-yeard old Heitmann was driving his McLaren sports car at over 100 MPH down the wrong side of a San Diego freeway. His car eventually collided with an SUV, which seems to have triggered a multi-car collision that may have involved up to six additional vehicles. The force of the initial impact caused Heitmann’s vehicle and the SUV he hit to burst into flames. 

The SUV that Heitmann hit was being driven by a 43-year-old mother who had her 12-year-old daughter in the car with her at the time. They and Heitmann seemed to have died on impact. 

At this time, there has been no word regarding why Heitmann was driving at high speeds down the wrong side of the freeway. However, statements from those close to Heitmann that have been released since the incident suggest that he had been exhibiting signs of depression. An unnamed friend of Heitmann’s who spoke to Polygon said that he had begun distancing himself from people. He had also not posted a video on his YouTube channel since March. 

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Prior to his death, Heitmann was a key figure in the controversial CS: GO gambling scene. Indeed, an April Fools video he posted in 2016 which made false claims that led to many CS:GO players spending a great deal of money on items that proved to be largely worthless is sometimes referred to as the video which led to a tougher crackdown on the CS:GO gambling scene. 

While some are saying that Heitmann’s involvement in that scene – and subsequent fallout that resulted from Valve, YouTube, and more cracking down on the gambling – may have been the source of some of Heitmann’s depression, there is no official word on what caused this apparent suicide attempt that led to the tragic deaths of two others.

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