Call of Duty Warzone: How to Unlock the Nakatomi Plaza Vault

Warzone's Nakatomi Plaza features a secret vault filled with loot that would make Hans Gruber blush.

Call of Duty Warzone
Photo: Activision

The latest Call of Duty: Warzone patch not only adds John Rambo and John McClane skins to the battle royale mode (making it the unofficial ’80s action stars named John update), but if you know what you’re doing, you can even open the vault hidden in the Nakatomi Plaza building recently added to Warzone‘s Verdansk ’84 map.

While the legendary Hans Gruber sadly doesn’t make an appearance in Warzone (at least not quite yet), you can fulfill his exceptional thief ambitions by breaking into the Nakatomi Plaza vault and stealing the riches inside. Instead of bearer bonds, though (which were a strangely popular ’80s plot device), you’ll find a variety of Warzone goods that squads are already fighting over.

If you want to join the race for the riches, then here’s what you need to know about unlocking the Nakatomi Plaza vault and opening the safety deposit boxes inside.

Nakatomi Plaza Vault Keycard 1 Location – Unfinished Business Contracts

To find the first Nakatomi vault keycard, you just need to complete one of the Unfinished Business Contracts found outside of Nakatomi Plaza.

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The contracts can are just laying around outside of the building itself, but they are limited, so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to grab one. Each contract tasks you with opening three loot boxes, and the third box contains the keycard you’re looking for.

Nakatomi Plaza Vault Keycard 2 Location – Disarm the C4

Finding the second keycard is a little trickier. To start, you’ll need to land on the Nakatomi Plaza roof. Some have suggested that you need to land on the roof in a helicopter, but it seems like landing on the roof at the start of the match will also trigger a mission that asks you to disarm several nearby explosives.

The interesting thing is that you don’t actually need to disarm every explosive to get the keycard. You just need to be the person who disarms the last C4. However you choose to approach this, disarming the final explosive should reward you with the second vault keycard.

Nakatomi Vault Keycard 3 Location – Deals Gone Wrong Mission

Head towards the back of Nakatomi Plaza and enter the garage. Walk down a couple of floors until you’ll find a large parking are. There, you should see a large white truck emitting a welcoming yellow light. Hop into the back of the truck and use the radio found on the table.

This will trigger two waves of A.I enemies (including a “Juggernaut” character) that you’ll need to defeat. Survive the assault, and the last enemy you kill should drop the third keycard.

How to Find the Hidden Vault in Nakatomi Plaza

To access the Nakatomi Plaza vault, you’ll first need to find the elevator shaft located near the center of the building. You should be able to zipline up to the 30th floor from there.

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The vault is located on the 31st floor, which means you’ll need to take the stairs to reach it. Unfortunately, this area is also usually filled with camping squads, so you’ll need to be careful. If you manage to make it up the stairs and survive whatever may be waiting for you on the 31st floor, though, you should be able to use any of the keycards you just found on the computer located next to the vault door.

How to Open the Safety Deposit Boxes in Nakatomi Plaza’s Vault

The good news is that you only need one vault keycard to open the secret Nakatomi Plaza vault. The bad news is that you’ll need all three keycards to unlock the three safety deposit boxes found inside.

If you have the right keycard, you should be able to interact with the corresponding safety deposit box and collect your loot. Here’s what you’ll find in each of the boxes:

Vault Keycard 1 Rewards: Cash and Specialist Bonus tokens

Vault Keycard 2 Rewards: Cash and an Advanced AUV

Vault Keycard 3 Rewards: Contraband Weapon Blueprint

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