BioShock Remasters Reportedly Coming to the Nintendo Switch

A new leak suggests that the mainline BioShock series is set for release on the Nintendo Switch.

BioShock Switch Ports Release

A new listing by the Taiwanese ratings board seemingly reveals that the BioShock series is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

LootPots seems to have spotted the initial ratings post, but it has since been reported on and translated by international industry insiders who all suggest that BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered, BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, and BioShock: The Collection are all coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

As you may already know, each of the individual BioShock titles above contains the base game as well as that title’s associated DLC. BioShock: The Collection would combine all of those remaster packages, which means you get every BioShock game and all associated DLC. There’s no word on how much each release will cost, but similar Switch ports from other companies would suggest that they will likely retail for around $20-$30 for the individual games with the collection perhaps approaching full retail price. 

As with all reports of this type, we must remind you that this is not an official confirmation and that many of the details revealed via this leak are subject to change (if they are indeed true in the first place. 

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Still, there’s really no reason to believe that these games won’t come to Switch sometime in the near future. That ratings board is kind of infamous for leaking games ahead of their reveals, and BioShock feels like the kind of series that could easily make the leap to Nintendo Switch. While we’re certainly excited to play BioShock again (it’s one of the best games of the last 20 years) as well as BioShock Infinite (one of our best games of the last decade), it’s actually BioShock 2 that you should really consider downloading if you’ve never experienced it before. It was criminally underrated upon its release and remains a fascinating part of the franchise’s legacy.

Besides, with the next BioShock game seemingly years away, this might be your best chance to dive back into that universe for quite some time. 

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