Welcome to the New Den of Geek

It's a new decade, so we're bringing you a new Den of Geek.

Welcome to the New Den of Geek

The last few years have been tumultuous for the corner of online media that serves the entertainment world. Whether it was news sites wondering if it would be better to serve the whims of Facebook’s ever-changing and increasingly obscure algorithm (narrator voice: it wasn’t), a similarly ill-advised industry-wide “pivot to video,” or the proliferation of pop culture websites who feel like simply making news up is the same as breaking it, the internet can be a capricious, often cutthroat, place. But maybe it doesn’t have to be.

Den of Geek was founded in the UK over a decade ago, and to keep up with increased audience demand, the site launched in the US in 2013. Den of Geek has always been driven by insightful analysis of the pop culture landscape and an unshakable belief that in-depth articles about subjects writers and readers are passionate about will always (at least in the long run) win out over snark, rumor-mongering, or some unfortunate combination of the two. But by 2019, it was clear that Den of Geek had to evolve and break free to survive, both from a creative and technical standpoint. So that’s what we’ve done. 

The site you’re reading right now might look a little different, but don’t worry. We haven’t been bought by some faceless corporation intent on stripping Den of Geek of its soul. We’re not “pivoting” to anything. We’re still devoted to blending top-notch insight with a voice that is fluent in and respectful of fandom. We like to cover pop culture with a discerning but fair eye, a level of knowledge matched only by our love for the subject matter, and a sense of humor whenever possible. We’re now an independent media company providing analysis, reviews, and features right here on the internet, with specialty print publications distributed at some of the largest fan events in the world, and in video and podcast interviews spotlighting some of the brightest stars in the business.    

What’s different? Well, the redesigned website should offer you a much more pleasant reading experience. Aside from the obvious aesthetic improvements, article pages load faster, video is more seamlessly integrated, and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for when you get here. The divide between the US and UK versions of the site is now gone, so readers around the globe will get the best of everything the Den of Geek team has to offer, and we’ll still cover UK TV, film, and culture with bylines from some of your favorite authors. We’ll also be out in the real world more, with an increasingly visible presence at conventions, festivals, and events, beginning with South by Southwest in Austin later this month, and continuing on throughout the year.

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I’ve been lucky enough to sit in the captain’s chair at DoG for almost seven years. I wouldn’t be here without the tireless efforts of an incredible staff and brilliant freelancers, whose considerable talents are matched only by their boundless determination and enthusiasm. I speak for the entire team when I say that we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t fans. We love all of this stuff just as much as you do, and we’re going to live our fandom right alongside you. 

In a 1982 interview, the legendary Jack Kirby said: “The characters represent a transcendent feeling that we all have inside us, that we could do better. We want to do better. We have the time to do better. We can be the people that we lionize.” 

Whenever I need a little inspiration or start to wonder whether the stories and characters fans celebrate make a real difference in the world, I return to Kirby’s words about the enduring power of our modern myths. At Den of Geek, we believe in them. And we believe in you.