The Ian Gibson column: occasional offers

Ian's been getting some interesting offers lately. Nothing untoward, you understand...

I was just asked to contribute to a weird site which specialises in witty comments. My natural response was that they must have the wrong guy! And in peeking at the site, I see that they are still poking fun at poor Eliot Spitzer who got caught with his pants down, or some such. And there were some witticisms about sex droids on their Sci Fi page. Which linkage brought to mind the time I got away with a picture in the Droids story for Dark Horse where I made it look like R2D2 was giving C3PO a BJ in the doorway of Han Solo’s apartment!

(All totally innocent on my part, you understand. Merely the observations of those with vivid imaginations and a warped way of thinking!)

I’m not sure I could manage to add anything to a site which requires one to be up with current affairs (no pun intended?). I’m very much out of touch with the world, down here on the coast. No TV or radio to disturb my tranquillity. I allow the world to pass me by with all its machinations of political upheavals, economic collapses and the latest cricket scores. A blissful existence. Just me, my paintbrushes and the kittens!

I’ve just been informed that the pagan ritual of Easter just happened. Which merely meant that the post office was closed for a couple of days. But the rest of the shops stay open as normal – what happened to holidays or even Holy days? I must have missed something. But that’s not unusual!

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I’ve also had a more exciting offer by a young lady – not of the Eliot Spitzer kind! – to do some illustrations to go with her music. Now that sounds like a fun plan.

The brief concept, as it’s been explained to me, is to post images to her my-space or wherever she is, collect the series into stories and eventually publish them. A bold scheme! Seems that Halo Jones is still relevant, for me at least, as it’s bringing in interested parties!

Oddly it happens that I’ve just been listening to the few old tapes of the music I used to make way back when. And that’s whetted my appetite to dust off the old guitars, gargle a little to see if the throat still works and invest in some new computer style recording equipment. Don’t panic! I’m not planning to invade myspace or wherever such things happen. Just something to amuse myself between spells at the drawing board. A boy needs hobbies!

My son, Luke, is busy recording with a couple of local bands here. And, when he’s done the final mix and released it onto their website, I’ll post a link here. If I think it’s fit for human consumption. But considering I’m an old fogey with a critical ear, it will have to be good for me to threaten you with it.

Meanwhile, enjoy the spring. Which I am informed is buried just beneath that layer of snow.

Thanks for your time.

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