Skam Adaptations Around the World

There are currently three different adaptations of Norwegian hit Skam airing, with several more on the way.

Skam is one of the best series of the modern media era, but, as it is a Norwegian show not legally available in the U.S., its worldwide fame has mostly been kept to certain, younger-skewing demographics who share subtitled episodes of the series via Google Drive links.

Familiarity with the show is set to increase, however, as the format has been sold to many countries around the world, including the U.S. Here are all of the countries that have either already launched or are in the process of launching Skam adaptaions…

French Skam Adaptation: Skam France

The French adaptation of Skam has already started airing and, so far, has stuck pretty closely to the Norwegian format. The show, which “airs” on France’s digital-only service Slash, follows Emma and her friends Manon, Daphne, Imane, and Alexia as they try to raise funds for the biggest party ever. (Apparently, this is the chosen translation of russebuss culture.)

The French version was the first to make it to production and a release date and many fans have commented that, as a result, the storytelling feels too rushed. It allows appears to be the adaptation that, thus far, follows the Norwegian version the closest.

Release date: February 16, 2018

German Skam Adaptation: Druck

Airing on German channel ZDF, Druck (which translates to “Pressure”) follows the Skam format pretty closely. According to PressePortal, it tells the story of 16-year-old Hanna, a girl who was part of the popular crowd until recently, when she started dating her best friend, Leonie’s, boyfriend. Now, she is part of a new group of five girls all dealing with their own growing pains.

The show filmed in a German city called Ahrensfelde, and stars mostly unknown actors. It is directed by Pola Beck, with scripts from Alexander Lingh. It follows the Skam format of releasing clips online, as well as supplementary storytelling through social media platforms like Instagram, Snapcat, and WhatsApp.

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Fan response to Druck is pretty positive thus far, with many commenting that, though it follows the basic plot of the Norwegian Skam, there are some changes that make for more culturally-specific and unexpected viewing.

Release date: March 19th, 2018

Italian Skam Adaptation: Skam Italia

The Italian adaptation has opted to cast slightly older actors, with most of the cast in their 20s rather than teens. Because of this, the Italian adaptation is a bit racier than the Norwegian version, with more nudity. The show films at is Liceo J. F. Kennedy in Rome, a “liceo classico” school.

Because of the older, less diverse casting among other things, fans have been less receptive to the Italian version thus far, but it is early days yet. 

Release date: March 23, 2018

American Skam Adaptation: SKAM Austin

The American rights to Skam have been bought by Simon Fuller, aka the man behind American Idol. The show will “air” on Facebook’s Watch service and has already started filming in Austin. Most excitedly, the American version of Skam is being made by Julie Andem, the woman who created the show.

Even better? The release is right around the corner. SKAM Austin will start releasing “episodes” on Tuesday, April 24th at 3:40 p.m. CST. You can watch the mini-episodes via Facebook Watch. For more information on the American adaptation of Skamcheck out our news hub.

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Release date: April 24, 2018

Dutch Skam Adaptation

The rights for a Dutch adaptation of Skam were bought by NTR. 

Release date: According to Elle, fall 2018.

Spanish Skam Adaptation

According to Nordic Business Insider, there will also be a Spanish version of Skam. The rights were bought by Telefonica’s Movistar +.

Release date: TBA