Shane McMahon’s Character Is A Total Mess

After becoming "best in the world" Shane is in a weird state of flux ...

Newsflash! WWE is, once again, tone deaf!

Shane McMahon inserted himself into the WWE World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel this past Friday in Saudi Arabia (WWE wouldn’t acknowledge where they were, so let’s just remind you … they went to Saudi Arabia).

The Miz came up injured before the final match against Dolph Ziggler, so Shane McMahon saved the day and entered the finals, beating Ziggler to claim the trophy. Shane then annoyingly danced around ringside and up the ramp, raising the trophy as if he were actually some deserving champion.

Ziggler, meanwhile, beat Kurt Angle earlier in the show in a win that really could have catapulted him a bit. But an hour later, he loses to the almost 50-year-old son of the owner, who has never been a full-time wrestler. Thanks for playing, Dolph.

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Shane continued the embarrassing charade on SmackDown Live this week. It appeared on Friday that WWE was trying to turn Shane heel. That would have made sense, considering he didn’t actually earn anything and he was annoyingly dancing around in self-praise after the match.

But Shane was instead pitched as a hero on SmackDown. He came out to “save” SmackDown because the Miz couldn’t wrestle. The crowd booed, because, well that’s garbage.

Paige came to the ring and Shane overstepped her, despite the idea on TV that she’s an equal authority figure on the show. They came up with captains for Team SmackDown at Survivor Series, and that was it.

So … to recap. Shane McMahon stole a championship, paraded himself around like he actually won it, and then framed it all as he was “saving” SmackDown. And the audience was supposed to buy that.

Luckily, the audience is smarter.

Shane got booed out of the building on Tuesday. When Shane exclaimed, “What’s up Manchester?!” The crowd showered him in boos. It was beautiful.

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Shane’s character is a mess. He’s a babyface, who is acting like a heel, and the crowd is totally rejecting him. It’s about time, by the way, because his act is stale and old.

It will be interesting to see how Stephanie McMahon handles this when she returns to Raw on Monday. Stephanie loves to take little jabs at Shane, writing it off as her “heel character,” when in actuality, she loves to just needle her older brother.

So we’re here again with Shane McMahon. He’s either this big hero that “saved” SmackDown, or he’s a heel that’s not being booked as a heel. Regardless, it’s bad.