Paul Heyman Breaks Down on Monday Night Raw

Heyman was in tears over his breakup with Universal Champion Brock Lesnar ...

Paul Heyman is the best in the business at what he does, and after last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, that goes beyond just professional wrestling.

Heyman sat down for an interview with Renee Young discussing Brock Lesnar attacking him last week and saying that Heyman was his employee, and they were never friends.

“I don’t know,” Heyman said, his eyes red as he choked back tears. “He disconnected his phone. … I don’t know where we stand.”

Heyman was nothing short of brilliant in the four-minute segment. Wrestling oftentimes strays away from real reactions and instead wrestlers are forced to come up with contrived and often corny versions of real-life responses. Heyman didn’t do that here. He reacted the way that a real person would have reacted in the same circumstance.

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Heyman broke the fourth wall, and said he has a problem with this. He said Brock wouldn’t like that Heyman was out talking in public about this, and he said this would only “piss off” Lesnar more.

Later in the interview, with tears rolling down his face, Heyman said he considered Brock a friend, and his children considered Brock’s children to be their friends. He said that neither man lets people close to their families, and they were always supposed to ride off into the sunset together.

Practically sobbing at this point, Heyman said that Lesnar was supposed to walk off with the Universal Championship on one shoulder and the UFC Heavyweight Championship on the other, and behind him, Heyman was supposed to be there declaring him the “reigning, defending …”

And he had to stop … at this point, tears are streaming down his face.

When asked if he had any eyes on a new potential client, he said that was inconceivable to him. He said wrestlers aren’t interchangeable, and he can’t just go with someone else.

Heyman said he has never seen Lesnar more focused or more violent than he is right now, and said that against “this Brock Lesnar,” Roman Reigns doesn’t have a chance at SummerSlam in two weeks at Barclay’s Center.

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People were praising the segment as soon as it aired, and with good reason. WWE, for all it does wrong, is doing something incredibly right with Lesnar ahead of SummerSlam. He has the wrong opponent – Roman Reigns – but the real-life story they’re telling with him leaving the WWE for the UFC is money in the bank.

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