Link Tank: Why You Should Watch Children of Men This Christmas

Why you should watch Children of Men, Amazon's Sound of Metal, the best budget desktops for 2021, and more in today's Link Tank!

Children of Men directed by Alfonso Cuaron

Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men is the dystopian science fiction movie you should watch this Christmas.

“The best christmas sci-fi movie isn’t very cheery. When thinking about holiday movies, spirited romcoms like Happiest Season and family-friendly fare probably come to mind. Children of Men, Alfonso Cuaron’s gritty, sci-fi masterpiece may not even be on the radar as a go-to Christmas movie, but it should be.”

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Does your family hang a pickle on your Christmas tree? Learn about the origin of this curious tradition.

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“Every family has its own holiday traditions. Maybe they open Christmas presents after dinner. Perhaps they hang stockings up for their pet. Some might display homemade decorations. Others might hide a Christmas pickle ornament in their tree, as simplemost highlights.”

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Amazon’s new film Sound of Metal could’ve very easily been a cheesy inspiration porn flick. The fact that it’s not makes it refreshing.

“It would have been very easy for the new Amazon film Sound of Metal to fall into the easy tropes of an after school special. The film tells the story of a punk rock drummer who loses his hearing and his journey to finding some level of comfort with being deaf.”

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If you ever come across a name-yourself type of meme on social media, chances are it could be a security risk.

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“This should be common sense at this point, but the fact that they continue to trend on social media suggests plenty of people need the reminder: Stop participating in those weird memes that ask you to provide seemingly innocuous personal information (your full name + the street your grew up on + your first car, etc.) in order to generate your stripper name, or your porn star name, or your witness protection name.”

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Laptop may be all the rage, but desktop computers still have a place in homes and workplaces. Here are the best budget desktops for 2021.

“Hearing the words ‘budget desktop PC’ may conjure some negative vibes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In the desktop-computer world, inexpensive is not synonymous with low-quality or slow, especially nowadays.”

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For Amazon Prime members, check out these excellent mystery TV shows on the e-commerce giant’s video streaming platform.

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“Who doesn’t love to kick back and relax to the soothing sounds of murder, mayhem, and the tortured suspense of an edge-of-your-seat mystery? Given the popularity of police procedural dramas and true-crime docuseries, the answer is: no one. Everyone loves a good mystery TV series nowadays.”

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