Link Tank: We Nearly Got a Marvel Squirrel Girl TV Show

We would've liked to see this cancelled Marvel show, Dexter has a chance at redemption, Dear Evan Hansen might be the next broadway movie to flop, and more in Link Tank!

Marvel's Squirrel Girl

We were this close to getting a Marvel TV show featuring Squirrel Girl, and it could’ve been one of their most heartfelt adventures.

“Back in 2017, Marvel started developing New Warriors, another Marvel superhero series centered on a team of young adults, with the cable network Freeform. Though the project never made it past the pilot stage and had been officially shuttered by 2019, showrunner Kevin Biegel (Cougar Town) is finally opening up about what was meant to be.”

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Will Dexter be able to redeem itself from the disappointment of the previous series finale?

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“The beloved series starring Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, forensic technician by day and avenging serial killer by night, was on a downward slope in later seasons, but truly fumbled the finale by killing off fan-favorite character Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) and seeing Dexter abandon his son Harrison to be a lumberjack in a remote town. The finale was so bad that it soured many fans on the series, which had legitimately good seasons before taking a nosedive.”

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Is Dear Evan Hansen the next Cats?

“Also, credit where it’s due: Universal did offer an only slightly belated peek at Toronto’s opening night selection—and did so still even after waves of derisive reviews came rolling in. From the moment its first trailer premiered, Dear Evan Hansen has pre-emptively enshrined this year’s Cats: an adaptation of a hit Broadway show whose apparent, glaring miscalculation makes it a sight-unseen laughing stock.”

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Burt Reynolds and more of the guest stars are really who solidified The X-Files as a classic TV show.

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“Sure, we love Mulder and Scully—as well as Skinner and even that pesky Cigarette Smoking Man. And while a good portion of The X-Files’ magic came from the interactions between its regular cast members, the sci-fi series’ prolific use of guest stars helped elevate its storytelling, particularly in its wonderful “monster-of-the-week” episodes.”

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THE LATEST MEMBER OF NBA 2K IS… Jake from State Farm?

NBA 2K22 was released yesterday across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Like previous NBA 2K games, 2K22 features The City, a large online open-world mode that lets players walk around, play basketball, shop in stores, and uh… I guess hang out with Jake from State Farm.”

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Clear and Present Danger and more of the most exciting action movies currently streaming on Netflix.

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“Trying to define ‘action movie’ can yield several different answers, but we like to think of the genre as run-and-gun, fist-to-fist escapism that stands the test of time and occasionally comes with tinges of comedy or sci-fi. Think more Predator than Small Soldiers (sorry, Small Soldiers). The very best of the best rank as some of the greatest movies of all time, but there’s plenty of reliably diverting high-octane fare available on Netflix at any given time. Here are our favorites on Netflix right now.”

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