Link Tank: This “Legally Haunted” NY House Is For Sale

A haunted mansion, discovering a missing genome link for ancient North American migrants, Elon Musk's plans to build a city on Mars + more in today's Link Tank!

Nyack Haunted House
Photo: Redfin

The house that the New York Supreme Court deemed “as a matter of law, haunted,” is yet again on the market, for sale by its current owner, Matisyahu.

“Many buyers understandably don’t want to move in with a spirit or, if they’re skeptics, they just might not like living in a place that’s well-known in local lore to be haunted and could attract other gawkers. So maybe, if you’re selling the house, you just won’t tell the buyers! That’s what Helen Ackley thought when she sold her Nyack, New York home in 1989, and her failure to disclose her home’s history led to the infamous ‘Ghostbusters ruling.’ “

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A fragmented, 14,000-year-old tooth contained the genome that links today’s Native Americans to the first people who migrated to North America.

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“The tooth belonged to a male, designated UKY001. Analysis of his DNA showed a specific mix of genes that exists in living Native Americans, specifically ancestry from Ancient North Eurasians (ANE) and Northeast Asians (NEA). Prior to the new study, the oldest DNA with a similar set of genes was found in Alaska and dated to 11,500 years ago.”

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Elon Musk, eager to launch Mars City, needs to figure out how to reduce the cost of getting spaceships into Mars’ orbit by 1000%.

“Elon Musk wants to build a city on Mars by 2050. Unfortunately, based on current cost calculations, it wouldn’t be possible.”

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The earliest recorded pandemic happened in 430 B.C. The Week explores how pandemics have changed human society throughout the ages, and what might happen in the aftermath of Covid-19.

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“Will Covid-19 change the world? Yes, if it’s similar to the pandemics of the past. Plagues and viral contagions have regularly blighted the course of human civilization, killing millions of people and wreaking economic devastation. But as each pandemic receded, it left cultural, political, and social changes that lasted far beyond the disease itself.”

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There’s plenty you don’t know about Sally Ride, the first American woman to travel into space.

“When Sally Ride made her first space flight in 1983, she was both the first American woman and the youngest American to make the journey to the final frontier. Both of those distinctions show just how qualified and devoted Ride was to her career.”

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Does your favorite Sex and the City episode make it onto this list ranking the 25 very best episodes of the show?

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“With its sexual freedom and runway-ready outfits, Sex and the City cultivated countless cultural milestones and unforgettable moments over its six seasons, and a few select episodes stand apart as being near perfect television.”

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