Link Tank: Why the MCU Needs to Embrace Comic-Accurate X-Men Costumes

The MCU needs to bring back the yellow spandex for the X-Men, Chadwick Boseman will not be recast, George R.R. Martin is heavily involved with The House of the Dragon, and more in Link Tank!

X2: X-Men United cast
Photo: Twentieth Century Fox/Disney

With Marvel Studios tackling the X-Men for the first time with the follow-up cartoon series to the 1990s version, it’s time we start talking about the return of comic-accurate costumes in live-action, yellow spandex, and all.

“It wasn’t like X-Men fans weren’t primed for those yellow spandex suits. Leading up to the movie’s debut, X-Men: The Animated Series was one of the most popular superheroes shows on TV, spawning an entire cinematic universe that included Spider-Man: The Animated SeriesThe Incredible HulkIron ManFantastic Four, and The Silver Surfer. And yet, the movies practically pretended the show didn’t exist. That was kids’ stuff. This is serious.”

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Love live the king. Marvel Studios has decided against recasting the role of T’Challa/Black Panther, played by the late Chadwick Boseman.

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“In a recent podcast with The RingerVerse, Marvel Studios VP of Development Nate Moore explicitly stated that the decision not to recast T’Challa was made in a fast conversation with the director of both Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Ryan Coogler. Moore admitted that it was a daunting task to change the direction of the franchise. However, they know it was the right decision.”

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Remember this random skull from Return of the Jedi? It’s now going to be an action figure (of sorts) you can purchase.

“Truly though, because this is Star Wars and the banalest things can be made incredibly dumb by way of unnecessarily detailed background story, this actually is kind of exciting. It means one of the ultimate heroes of Return of the Jedi, of Star Wars at large even, is finally going to get their due: that’s right folks, one of the included skulls is none other than that of Bidlo Kwerve, the bone that saved Luke Skywalker from certain death.”

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From Jim Carrey to Eddie Murphy, see how some comedy icons performed when they attempted to switch their careers towards drama.

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“This fall alone has seen Melissa McCarthy do a grief drama for Netflix, Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd taking psychological turns in The Shrink Next Door for Apple TV+, and Kevin Hart attempting a Netflix crime drama with True Story. A detour to the dramatic side seems to be an inevitable complication in the career of nearly anyone who’s ever starred in a hit comedy (give or take a Dane Cook)—so let’s take a look at the recent history of comedians intentionally forsaking laughs.”

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Woah, the campaign mode for Halo: Infinite dropped out of nowhere ahead of its release date.

“You might want to dust off your fake sneeze. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component, which was initially slated for a December 8 release, is available today. Microsoft announced the news during Xbox’s 20th-anniversary stream. And yes, it’s still a separate free-to-play mode. I’m, uh, suddenly not feeling so hot, boss.”

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Good news, Game of Thrones fans, George R.R. Martin has been in regular communication with the creators of The House of Dragon.

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“HBO is hard at work on House of the Dragon, its follow-up to Game of Thrones. The new show is set 200 years before the story we know and will detail a brutal civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons, where different factions of the Targaryen family fought each other at the height of their power.”

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