Link Tank: The Surprising Popularity of Loop Hero

How Loop Hero became a hit, facts about Jane Eyre, Black Supermen in DC Comics, and more in today's Link Tank!

Loop Hero

Loop Hero was once derailed as unplayable, but turned out to be an unexpected indie sensation.

“Being trapped in a repetitive loop might not sound like escapism right now. But for many among its half-a-million strong player base, the indie sensation Loop Hero is an all-consuming obsession. On paper, it’s a mash-up of genres that brings to mind chucking half a decade’s worth of gaming buzzwords into a blender, but the resulting concoction is fiendishly addictive and refreshingly unique.”

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Elementary and Charlie’s Angels actress Lucy Liu has reportedly joined the cast of Shazam! Fury of the Gods as the DC villain Kalypso.

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“The best version of John Watson and star of the Charlie’s Angels movies, Lucy Liu, has joined the DC Comics adaptation Shazam! Fury of the Gods as the villain Kalypso, the sister of Helen Mirren’s villainous character Hespera.”

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Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre was an instant hit of its era, and remains much loved today. Check out some facts about this timeless novel.

“When Charlotte Brontë sat down to write Jane Eyre, she didn’t yet know she was writing a major work of English literature. The gothic novel about a governess’s romance with the brooding Mr. Rochester was an instant classic in its time and is still much loved today.”

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You can now donate Uber rides to help someone get their COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s how…

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“Uber, PayPal, and Walgreens teamed up with the Local Initiatives Support Corp. (LISC) to provide free trips to COVID-19 vaccine sites. The joint Vaccine Access Fund invites customers to donate money to help folks in underserved communities get their jab.”

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With vaccines rolling out across America, some are turning the “just because you’re vaccinated” phrase into a meme on Twitter.

“Have you gotten your vaccine shot(s) yet? If you haven’t, there are plenty of incentives to book that first appointment beyond, y’know, substantially decreasing the transmission and hospitalization rates of covid-19 cases: Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut if you show off your vaccine card; the you can travel domestically, according to the CDC; and beautiful Croatia will let you into the country without having to isolate for 14 days.”

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From Steel to Calvin Ellis, here’s a quick breakdown and history of Black Supermen in DC Comics.

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“As long as the original Superman has had counterparts like Steel and, more recently, Final Crisis’ Calvin Ellis of Earth-23, there have been comics fans who struggled to comprehend—and often pushed back against—the idea of a Black Superman. This small-minded and particularly pervasive quirk of the larger Superman fandom isn’t unique to Superman or DC Comics…”

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