Link Tank: The Superpower Rapman Needed to Bring Supacell to Netflix

Today’s Link Tank features interviews with Supacell’s Rapman, House of the Dragon’s Phia Saban, and American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts.

Supacell character with yellow eyes
Photo: Netflix

Rapman had to practically be a superhero himself to develop Supacell for Netflix, but his perseverance paid off.

“Rapman got Netflix to rent him a tiny office a 10-minute drive away from his home in tennis-mad Wimbledon… He wrote two or three full episodes and a show bible that charted every single twist and turn. Netflix read it and greenlit it within days. He allows that the experience, as painful as it sometimes was, has made him a better writer. And better able to understand his way around the streaming world.”

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Take a look at what TV critics from around the web have been saying about the third season of the acclaimed FX on Hulu series, The Bear.

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“Since its pilot episode, The Bear has been showered in accolades from critics, who call it an extraordinary show that has an ear for true-to-life dialogue, irresistible characters whose pain and stress (and there’s a lot of stress here) seem to be deeply empathized with by the show’s writers. The Bear went on to sweep the 2023 Emmys and now has the status of must-watch TV for all as it enters its third season.”

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Phia Saban, who plays Helaena on House of the Dragon, would rather the audience draw their own conclusions about how her character feels about recent events on the show.

“‘Hopefully, people watch the episode and will have strong feelings about it. I’m more interested in that than telling people how she feels about it. That was my take on it, and it fits into this amazing story that has these themes [that] are in conversation with one another. But when you’re playing a character, you’re trying to be true to how they react. I’m happy to leave that to the audience. What does Helaena feel about it?’”

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Many celebrities have opinions about the term “nepo baby,” but Emma Roberts has a unique example that indicates how unfairly it is applied.

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“Emma Roberts is adding more nuance to the nepo baby debate. The actress, whose father is prolific star Eric Roberts and whose aunt is the iconic Julia Roberts, called out how the nepo-baby label is really only applied to young women. As proof, Roberts pointed to her Aunt Julia’s longtime collaborator George Clooney as an older, male example of a nepo baby — despite no one calling Clooney that.”

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The latest trailer for Nosferatu proves that Robert Eggers is back on his horror A-game.

“Phew! Eggers is really back in business with this one, working on an impressive scale while conjuring an intimate sense of fear. The icy-blue night scenes deliver a deathly chill; the Victorian setting looks lavishly realised; and there are ominous candle-lit tableaus that hark back to the eerie compositions of The Witch. This trailer is more vibes than plot – but what vibes!”

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