Link Tank: Is the Destroy All Humans Remake Worth a Play?

A review of the Destroy All Humans remake, books that predicted the future, plus more in today's Link Tank!

Destroy All Humans remake

The revived Destroy All Humans game is fun and flashy, but its outdated design and its overly faithfulness to the original are a letdown.

“Efforts to preserve this forgotten series are admirable, but Destroy All Humans is the perfect example of what can go wrong when reviving an aging B-grade game. An overall low-budget feel and outdated design make Destroy All Humans feel like a relic that would have benefited more from a full-on modern reimagining rather than a remake that’s faithful to a fault.”

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Vincenzo Natali’s horror flick Splice, released in 2009 and now available to stream on Netflix, is a headache-inducing movie filled with plot holes.

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“Over the weekend, I watched the science-fiction horror movie Splice with my friends. It’s currently streaming on Netflix, and I’d heard things about it that made me intrigued about finally giving it a watch. What happened was nearly two hours of scientists being terrible at their jobs, parenting, and having any common sense whats so ever.”

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From the sinking of the Titanic to the moon landing, here are the books that predicted major events.

“The problem with writing fiction is that readers expect the worlds authors create, even the most baffling and high concept ones, to make sense—so authors spend a lot of time making the worlds they craft believable. And sometimes, they come up with a plot point in their work that seems to foresee a real-world event.”

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This Etch-A-Sketch that lets you draw perfect circles is the next fidget toy to buy.

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“Unless you’re a savant born with unnatural abilities for using two knobs to create artistic masterpieces, the Etch A Sketch drawing toy gets less appealing the older you get. I was surprised to find that the new Etch A Sketch Revolution—arguably the first reimagining of the toy that now makes drawing smooth curves and circles a breeze—managed to hold my attention for a few hours, but like the original, it will probably appeal more to fidgeters than artists.”

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While most electronics offer extended warranty, here’s why buying them is a waste of money.

“When you purchase a big-ticket item—smartphone, laptop, TV—some kind of warranty is expected. It’s typically called an ‘express warranty’ because it’s supposed to be clearly expressed. Sometimes it’s called a ‘guarantee’ because it’s supposed to guarantee that it works.”

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Netflix is adding Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, and more Black sitcoms to their library in August.

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“Let the bingeing begin: Netflix announced that it’s adding an insane amount of classic Black sitcoms to its library. Soon, you’ll be able to stream the likes of Girlfriends, Sister, Sister, and Moesha, among others.”

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