Link Tank: Relic, and How Less Can Be More in Horror

Relic, board games based on movies, TV, and books, an interview with Bird Box author Josh Malerman, plus more in today's Link Tank!

Relic (horror movie)
Photo: IFC Midnight

Relic by director Natalie Erika James is the pinnacle example of how less can be more in horror.

“Director Natalie Erika James has burst onto the scene with Relic, and it’s a heck of a first film. James’ debut, which hits video-on-demand Friday, is a creepy, emotional haunted house feature that often takes a less-is-more approach. For the most part, it really pays off, and her confidence suggests audiences can expect more great work to come.

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The Amazonians of DC Comics may be getting their own animated movie according to Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

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“The Amazons are an extremely important part of Diana Prince’s storyline (one that Zack Snyder and/or Joss Whedon threw out the window in Justice League). Depending on her origin story, Diana was either crafted from clay and raised by the Amazons as Hippolyta’s daughter, or she was the actual daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, more powerful than any of the other Amazonian warriors.”

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Are you a shower performer? Check out the most popular shower songs according to this ShowerstoYou compilation.

“If you can hear your apartment neighbor belting Miley Cyrus’s ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ in the shower day after day, you’re definitely not the only one. UK-based bathroom supplier ShowerstoYou compiled a list of 530 Spotify playlists containing the word shower and found the 2009 party anthem on a whopping 97 percent of them—more than any other song.”

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These eight board games and RPGs based on movies, TV, and books are what you and your family need to pass the time this summer.

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“Board games are a great way to pass the time, especially during social distancing. Sometimes, in the case of more difficult board games or tabletop roleplaying games, it’s great to have a baseline of knowledge about the source material. That’s where these titles come in. If you’re already a fan of Game of Thrones, The Expanse, Alien, or even the Dark Universe (RIP), here are some games to help bring you into the worlds you love.”

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Bird Box author Josh Malerman talks writing the novel sequel Malorie, plus more in this exclusive interview!

“The long-awaited sequel to Bird Box (the book, not the movie) is coming out on July 21. Titled Malorie after the character Sandra Bullock brought to life on Netflix screens around the world, the new novel picks up where the original book/movie left off, meaning fans of the film should be able to jump right into the sequel novel.”

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If you’re new to working from home and need to shake up your routine, check out these way to break your daily monotony.

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“Anyone newly working from home in the last few months has likely experienced some benefits and some drawbacks to their new situation. Seeing as good news is in short supply these days, I want to focus on the good things here. Working remotely comes with some wildly fantastic advantages. Let’s look at how can we use those advantages to shake up our routines when we feel them stagnating.”

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