Link Tank: Why You Should Read Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir, a review of Marvel's Avengers game, terrible habits are destroying your pc, and more!

Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir is the lesbian necromancer in space story you need to read in 2020.

“Forgive me, but Tamsyn Muir’s incredible debut, Gideon the Ninth, absolutely ruined me last year. The novel racked up a lot of accolades, and Muir has followed it up with a breathtaking sequel—Harrow the Ninth—that will disgust, amuse, and maybe even titillate you, and then break your heart all over again. And like a masochist you’ll love every second of it.”

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Actress Candice Patton of CW’s The Flash shares her support for John Boyega after he called out racism within the Star Wars fandom and franchise.

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“The response to John Boyega’s powerful GQ interview has been mostly positive, with some people missing the point out of a choice to remain obtuse. What’s more, Boyega’s comments have been shown to ring true with other Black entertainers in the public eye, one of them being The CW’s The Flash‘s Candice Patton.”

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For your daily dose of history, check out these five unusual forms of currencies from precolonial Africa.

“The various forms of currency used throughout precolonial Africa are as unique and diverse as the people who call the continent home. From snail shells to magnificent swords, here are five forms of legal tender you won’t find changing hands in modern markets today.”

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From overheating to battery mismanagement, these terrible habits are destroying your personal computer.

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“Nothing lasts forever—especially tech—but your computer can last you quite a few years if you treat it well. If your laptop tends to break down earlier than you feel it should, there’s a chance you’re helping it along with some especially bad habits. Here are some of the worst things you can do to a PC without even realizing you’re doing anything wrong.”

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Marvel’s Avengers is like a better Destiny 2 but with superheroes, according to Inverse.

“The newest Marvel game is a dizzying experience that is tremendously fun with friends, especially when you all dig the House of Ideas. While its eccentricities and early growing pains as a live-service game were occasionally frustrating, I found myself enjoying Marvel’s Avengers more often than not.”

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While Disney’s live action Mulan remake is good, it ultimately just makes you nostalgic for the original animated movie.

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“The trailer for Disney’s Mulan remake is sort of a masterpiece. It’s a thrilling summation of the story of a the young girl who becomes a warrior to save her elderly father, all punctuated by the swelling chords of an orchestral version of the pop hit ‘Reflection’ from the 1998 animated version.”

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