Link Tank: Why The Prestige is Christopher Nolan’s Most Underrated Movie

Discover the most underrated picture in Nolan's filmography, Keanu Reeves shares his favorite flicks, how Tom Holland landed the part of Nathan Drake, and more in Link Tank!

Hugh Jackman in The Prestige

You’ve probably seen the likes of Inception, Interstellar, and The Dark Knight trilogy from famed director Christopher Nolan, but you should consider watching his underappreciated 2006 film The Prestige.

“For two hours you’re transported to different times and places in a matter of seconds. Decades of advancing technology have improved what we can do with filmmaking to the point where the magic tricks of today would look like science fiction to the directors of yesteryear. But sci-fi looks to the future. What will the coming decades of technological breakthroughs look like? How will humanity relate to new technology? And how far are we willing to go to achieve and exploit those breakthroughs? Christopher Nolan’s 2006 film The Prestige dances with these big questions.”

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You love Keanu Reeves’ movies, but what movies does he think are most excellent?

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“Keanu Reeves has been a heartthrob to so many of us for as long as we can remember. I truly could not tell you when I started loving Keanu Reeves, just that I never stopped. He’s one of the good ones, and now, he’s released a list of his must-see movies and if we’re being honest: He’s got good taste.”

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Upcoming MCU show Ironheart could be introducing the son of a classic Iron Man villain.

“According to a new report from The Illuminerdi, the Disney+ series Ironheart plans to introduce a villainous character ‘in their 40s, brilliant, and comedic’ believed to be Obadiah Stane’s son, Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Stane.”

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Could the upcoming Pam & Tommy TV series be the next big American crime story?

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“If nothing else, Pam & Tommy deserved to be made because of its fantastic tagline: ‘The greatest love story ever sold.’ Luckily, the new trailer makes the upcoming Hulu series look pretty fun, too. I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie proved his worth with his 2017 Oscar nominee. His style may be ‘diet-Scorsese,’ as The A.V. Club described Gillespie’s work, but it’s still enough to leave one mostly satiated.”

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Spider-Man star Tom Holland first discovered the video game Uncharted because he had a PS4 in his trailer on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and now he’s going to be in an Uncharted movie.

“Sony’s Uncharted movie has been in the works since 2008, but the star of next month’s theatrical release didn’t play the games until 2016. During last night’s Sony CES keynote event, actor Tom Holland took the stage, where he talked about discovering Naughty Dog’s acclaimed adventure series while hanging out in his PlayStation-equipped movie trailer between Spider-Man: Homecoming takes.”

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Beyond Marvel films, discover the highest-grossing movies released in 2021.

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“The first year of the 2020s was a strange time for the global box office, and 2021 looked only slightly more normal. Many movie theaters reopened for the first time in a year in 2021, and several big titles were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic (including No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s final latest, and final, outing as James Bond) finally appeared on marquees. Some releases had underwhelming ticket sales, while others smashed box office expectations.”

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