Link Tank: Lily James and Sebastian Stan Look Unrecognizable in Pam and Tommy

The two lead actors are almost unrecognizable in their roles, if we'll get to see a Young Avengers eventually, what's coming to Disney+ next month, and more in Link Tank!

Pam and Tommy
Pam and Tommy trailer Credit: Hulu

Lily James and Sebastian Stan look almost unrecognizable in our first look at Pam and Tommy, about the infamous Baywatch and Motley Crew stars.

Pam & Tommy is telling the story of the infamous sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. If you were a kid of the ’90s, you probably heard whispers of this tape. I know that I knew it existed, but I was way too young to know anything else about it. But for whatever reason, Craig Gillespie loves the ’90s, and I love the ’90s and Craig Gillespie, so it is a win-win for me.”

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Between Hawkeye and the other MCU shows on Disney+, it appears Marvel has been building towards a Young Avengers team, but will we ever get to see them together on-screen?

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“The series will additionally introduce Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, a character near and dear to Tran’s heart. ‘I love Kate Bishop from the comic run,’ says Tran. ‘I had a clear understanding of how I wanted to see Kate on screen, and we were so fortunate that we got Hailee to be involved in bringing her to life.’ Tran spoke with Inverse about Clint’s family life, Kate’s place in the MCU, and how Hawkeye will recapture the magic of the comics.”

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You know about The Book of Boba Fett, but what other new properties are coming to Disney+ this December?

“The weird thing about franchise canon is you have to take the good with the bad. This means that Disney/Lucasfilm has spent the better part of the past decade working overtime to fix the parts of the official Star Wars storyline that, uh, don’t really work—retroactively making them at least seem better by retconning in cool worldbuilding and character detail after the fact.”

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Sorry, everyone, but Disney won’t let you actually touch their real-life, functioning lightsabers.

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“Earlier this year, Disney announced its Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser LARPing hotel for obscenely wealthy and/or financially irresponsible fans of denying the crushing, earthbound realities around us. Among the amenities available at the two-day ‘immersive’ experience that costs visitors a minimum of $4800 for two nights are a slew of underpaid actors forced to stay in character as Twi’leks and C-tier Jedi (we’re looking at you, Ki-Adi-Mundi), cabin bunks with glorious views of outer space (aka hotel rooms with iPad screens instead of actual windows), and blue shrimp cocktails.”

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Arya Stark is fighting Batman? Check out all the crazy character combinations you can accomplish with Warner Bros. new fighting game Multiversus.

“Last month, leaked images showing a platform fighting game featuring Warner Bros.-owned fictional properties including Batman and Steven Universe made the rounds. Today, WB Games confirmed the game, titled MultiVersus, in a trailer. And you know what? Unlike the name, it doesn’t look so bad!”

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Were you confused by the age of Paul Atreides’ mother in Dune? Here’s how old the character is supposed to be versus how old actress Rebecca Ferguson is in real life.

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“Within the hallowed realm of major Hollywood films, there are historically three age brackets for women: girlhood, mom, and sassy grandma. And perhaps due to the constraints of these brackets, another time-honored cinematic tradition lies in completely forgetting how numbers work in relation to child/mother ages and pushing a woman into a bracket for which she is not quite yet physically mature enough.”

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