Link Tank: New Girl’s 25 Funniest Episodes

New Girl's funniest episode, surprising facts about Selena, the Anime Dallas debacle, and more in today's Link Tank!

Check out the 25 funniest episodes from New Girl, FOX’s hit sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel.

“Led by Deschanel as the sunny Jessica Day, New Girl followed the lives and relationships of her and her roommates—the womanizing finance bro Schmidt (Max Greenfield), lovable jokester Winston (Lamore Morris), overconfident jock Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.), and curmudgeon bartender Nick (Jake Johnson)—as well as her best friend, model Cece (Hannah Simone), and throughout its seven year run, it maintained the perfect balance of offbeat humor and sincerity.”

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Last week, Netflix released Selena: The Series about Selena Quintanilla, one of America’s most beloved music icons. Here are some surprising facts about her you might not know.

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“By the time of her tragic death at the young age of 23, Selena Quintanilla—better known simply as Selena—was already an American icon. Born in Lake Jackson, Texas, on April 16, 1971 and raised in Corpus Christi, Selena began her professional career at the age of 10, when she performed with her siblings in Selena y Los Dinos, a band that was managed by her father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr.”

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Anime Dallas decided to ignore COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and held an in-person convention.

“About a month ago, I wrote a piece that delved into what I thought conventions would look like in 2021. Unfortunately, when writing it, I was under the impression that folks would wait until it was safe to gather before even attempting to figure out the logistics of in-person events—and when I say ‘safe,’ I mean something along the lines of ‘there are vaccines out there and there has been a massive decrease in COVID-19 cases.'”

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A Utah man reportedly bought a PlayStation 5 off eBay, but received a block of concrete in the mail.

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“Such is the popularity of Sony’s $499 PlayStation 5, scalpers are making a fortune reselling the console for nearly double what it’s worth. But what if someone wants to make a profit while keeping the console for themselves?”

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There are giant hot gas bubbles at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, baffling scientists.

“The center of the Milky Way is a busy place. the galaxy’s core is bustling with a supermassive black hole, the birth of thousands of stars, and their explosive deaths. And now, a team of astronomers has discovered giant bubbles made up of hot gas that occupy the center of the galaxy, and they’re not quite sure how they got there.”

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New York is set to divest its state pension fund from fossil fuels completely by 2025, and will completely decarbonize the fund by 2040.

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“After an eight-year fight to get New York to divest its $226 billion pension fund from fossil fuels, activists have won a major victory. On Wednesday, New York Comptroller Tom DiNapoli announced the state will take a systematic approach to ensure the third-largest pension fund in the U.S. divests from fossil fuels by 2025.”

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