Link Tank: New eBay Partnership Will Make Collecting Trading Cards Easier Than Ever

Streamlined card collecting on eBay, a semi-renewal for 3 Body Problem, the shocking Sugar twist, and more in today’s Link Tank.

eBay's San Jose Headquarters entrance

A new partnership between eBay and PSA, a leading third-party authenticator for collectibles, will enhance the trading card vault experience this summer.

“The partnership will support streamlined buying, grading, storing and selling for collectors of all types, bringing together eBay’s best-in-class marketplace platform with PSA’s expert grading services and vault product. Complementary service offerings from eBay and PSA will be combined to remove friction from [the trading card hobby] and power a comprehensive, integrated program.”

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Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington on Bridgerton, is being praised for her approach to body positivity in nude scenes for the show.

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“Eventually, Nicola overcame her nerves and was surprised by how much she enjoyed filming the scenes. In fact, she and her costar Luke ended up being so relaxed during the shoot that they were comfortable enough to lay naked under a blanket together, ‘just chilling.’”

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Although 3 Body Problem will be getting only a few new episodes to wrap up the massive story, Benioff and Weiss appear strangely confident that they can do it.

“What was surprising is the way in which the new episodes were characterized; Benioff and Weiss stated that they were thrilled they would ‘get to tell this story through to its epic conclusion,’ but did not specifically refer to the new installments as a second season. Although it’s exciting to see that the show was not canceled prematurely, 3 Body Problem deserves more than a few wrap-up episodes to properly complete its story.”

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Why did Sugar choose to drop such a massive twist on viewers in its finale rather than properly building up the suspense in the final few episodes?

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“Oh, Sugar, what have you done? Apple TV+’s thriller, which aired its season-one finale on May 17, makes the grave error of resorting to a ridiculous plot twist that should’ve been the damn plot all along. This decision of an over-the-top reveal late into its run chips away at its well-crafted neo-noir essence.”

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The X-Men ’97 finale gives fans hope that Marvel can vastly improve upon Fox’s previous adaptations of the franchise.

X-Men ’97… ended this week with a finale that cements it as perhaps the best screen adaptation of the merry mutants we’ve ever seen. It’s well-known that, since their acquisition of the franchise from Fox, Marvel has had designs on a live-action MCU-set take on the characters – and if this series is anything to go by, they’re on exactly the right track.”

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