Link Tank: Netflix to Offer Playback Speed Control

Netflix and playback speed control, Patty Jenkins, Fairy Tail the role-play game, and more in today's Link Tank!

closeup photo of person holding panasonic remote control in front of turned on smart television

Want to watch Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix in slow-mo or at two times the normal speed. The streaming platform is reportedly rolling out playback speed control.

“Netflix is now letting some users adjust the playback speed of its content, meaning you can finish The Irishman in a mere fraction of its 3.5-hour run time (or make it last even longer)….So far, Netflix is only offering it to Android mobile users, but tests are in the works for iOS devices and the web app, too.”

Read more at Mental Floss.

Director Patty Jenkins will most likely be done with the DCEU after Wonder Woman 3.

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“Despite the fact that is has been delayed so many times, Wonder Woman 1984 is technically complete, and that means director Patty Jenkins is already thinking about film number three in her series.”

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If you have plenty of free time on hand, check out the 100 best movies on Netflix right now.

“Anyone can tell you everything that’s streaming on Netflix, take an inventory of a given month’s new additions and subtractions, or cast the net of recommendations so wide that reeling in where to start is overwhelming. The whole goal of Netflix as a company is to give you as much content as possible, whether through streaming or good old-fashioned DVD mail-ins (remember those?).”

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Here’s how you can set up two-factor authentication for every major and common accounts online.

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“The 2014 Heartbleed bug exposed millions of internet logins to scammers thanks to one itty-bitty piece of code, and our security nightmares have only gotten worse in the years since. What’s the average internet user to do? Well, you should definitely change your passwords regularly.”

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Considering playing Fairy Tail the role-play game? Here’s how it’s stacking up so far…

“You can see glimmers of something amazing in the game’s combat and quest systems. This is to be expected of the team behind the Atelier series, but Fairy Tail is hindered by its source material. It leaves out too many key moments from the original series and leaves the show’s essence on the cutting room floor.”

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A third installment of the incredible Oscar-nominated series by Don Hertzfeldt, World of Tomorrow, is on its way.

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“Oh wow, a highly anticipated third film in a big-time animated franchise? What could it be? The Incredibles? There are two of those. A third Frozen? That would make sense. The Secret Life of Pets 3? Dare to dream. No, it’s none of those. At least not yet. We’re talking about Don Hertzfeldt’s Oscar-nominated World of Tomorrow series, which debuted its amazing first film in 2015, had a follow-up in 2017, and apparently, will have a third episode in the near future.”

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