Link Tank: LEGO Unveils 700+ piece BTS Set Based on the Dynamite Music Video

LEGO is teaming up with BTS, a new Hellboy movie is coming, the Tetris movie is different than you might think, and more in Link Tank!

LEGO BTS Dynamite Set
From: LEGO

For the first time ever, LEGO is making a set based on a music video with the release of the BTS Dynamite set.

“The LEGO Group is lighting it up with its latest set: a tribute to the global pop icons BTS. The LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite set, designed by a LEGO fan, features the seven-piece band on the video set of their global smash-hit single ‘Dynamite,’ which when released in August 2020 reached over 100 million views in less than one day and one billion views in just eight months, and even gave the band their first number-one single in the United States.”

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Fan-favorite TV series Fleabag appears as if it’ll never get another season, but perhaps that’s not entirely a bad thing.

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“We were recently overjoyed to hear that our beloved Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be blessing us with her talents yet again with two new projects as part of a three-year deal with Amazon. The first project will be an adaptation of the novel Sign Here, about a man who works in the ‘deals department’ on the Fifth Level of Hell. And the second will be a television adaptation of Tomb Raider. Both sound delightful and like they’ll thrive under the Waller-Bridge touch.”

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Hellboy is getting rebooted again for some reason.

“Big Red is coming back to theaters. Deadline confirmed that a new Hellboy movie, subtitled The Crooked Manis about to start production. Earlier in the week, rumors began swirling around about its existence courtesy of Discussing Film, but distributor Millennium (which bought the film rights for Hellboy in 2018) disclosed some more details about it at the EFM festival in Berlin.”

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We all know they are fungi-based, but are we considered the infected from The Last of Us zombies?

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“Despite having all the conventions of a zombie show—a worldwide catastrophe, survivors, and mindless creatures that once were human—The Last of Us wants us to know that it really doesn’t want to be one. Cinematographer Eben Bolter, who worked on the show, said in an interview with The Credits that the word ‘zombie’ was banned from the set. Journalists writing and talking about the show have been reminded by HBO to use the preferred term ‘infected’ instead. But is it a distinction without a difference? Or is The Last Of Us creating something truly novel?”

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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is currently the worst-reviewed Marvel sequel of all time on Rotten Tomatoes. What other sequels didn’t even remotely live up to their predecessors?

“Sequels don’t necessarily get the bad rap they once did. In addition to achieving success at the box office, many cinematic follow-ups are met with critical acclaim. Two out of the 10 Best Picture nominees for this year’s Academy Awards are the second entries in their franchises. But for every Top Gun: Maverick (2022) and Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), there are plenty of sequels that remind us how they got their poor reputation. Here are the worst movie sequels of all time, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

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No, the Tetris movie is not about the game coming to life; it’s more of a Cold War thriller.

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“For those curious about how Tetris became a global phenomenon, a dramatic look at the iconic puzzle video game is coming next month to Apple TV+. Apple has just released the first trailer for its upcoming film, Tetris, a biographical drama feature film chronicling the origin of the game.”

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