Link Tank: John Williams Will Retire After Indiana Jones 5

The maestro is hanging it up, the possibility of a Thor 5, Minions crosses over with The Office, and more in Link Tank!

Legendary composer John Williams will retire from composing film scores after Indiana Jones 5 next summer.

“Legendary composer John Williams is 90 years oldHe’s written music for over 150 movies, with several pieces becoming so iconic and recognizable, people know them even if they haven’t seen the film. He’s largely regarded as the greatest composer in the history of cinema, but his career may soon be coming to an end.”

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Thor: Love and Thunder has yet to release to the public, but fans are already asking the question of whether or not there will be a Thor 5?

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“It’s good to be a Thor fan these days. The premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder is only a couple of weeks away, and director Taika Waititi has again taken the helm to give us a wild space romp. Not only that, but when we all pour into theaters on July 8, we’ll be treated to not one, but two Thors, thanks to Natalie Portman re-joining the franchise as Jane Foster. It makes you want to cross your fingers and hope that Thor’s days in the MCU won’t end when Love and Thunder‘s credits roll. Will there be a Thor 5?”

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The Ezra Miller saga continues, this time with the performer accused of housing multiple children in an unsafe environment.

“Another week, another story of odd, alarming behavior surrounding The Flash star Ezra Miller. Today, Rolling Stone reports that Miller has been accused of housing three young children and their mother on a farm they own in Vermont, which unnamed sources have alleged is filled with pot and unattended firearms.”

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Are you stuck inside because it’s too hot to go anywhere right now? Well, you’re in luck because Nintendo Switch games are currently on a mega sale.

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“The dog days of summer are officially here. Whether you’re trying to take your mind off the heat or the bad headlines, you’re in luck: Nintendo is currently running a major sale on digital Switch games. Cool off with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or mind-meld with a sentient hat in Super Mario Odyssey for 30% off the normal sticker price.”

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Sometimes, fans just do it better. Here are some examples of fake trailers that are actually superior to real-life properties.

“When it comes to marketing, the multi-bajillion dollar budgets of nearly every tentpole theatrical release of the past decade or so have left little room for experimentation, or often any fun. There are still great, thrilling trailers made for Hollywood movies, but there’s also a sameyness that creeps in, with coming attractions often feeling as though they’ve been made from the same safe, time-tested, but uninspired template.”

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Steve Carrell’s most prominent movie franchise clashes with his biggest TV show in this Minions/The Office crossover.

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“With Minions: Rise of Gru set to hit theaters in a week, NBC’s The Office has collaborated with the film to reimagine their own version of the show’s opening credits. Featuring the series’ same iconic music and opening scenes of Scranton, Pennsylvania, the 30-second visual sees Steve Carrell‘s Gru taking on the role of his own The Office character, regional manager Michael Scott, while Minions Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto portray Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly and Kevin Malone, respectively. Some of the show’s most memorable moments, including Kevin spilling his famous chilli, Dwight cutting out the dummy’s face when they were learning CPR and Angela throwing her cat, Bandit, up the ceiling are also recreated.”

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